Jenson Hagen

Jenson spent the greater part of his 20's as an active Young Democrat. He feels that political participation must be encouraged at an early stage in life. Now in his 30's, he's turned his attention to supporting the progressive community as well as expanding a career in financial research and taxation. His recurring Financial Friday posts aim to provide different insights into the economic issues at hand, and include elements of his everyday work.

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May. 13, 2015The STEM of TPP Problems
May. 09, 2015Obama is WRONG on investment
May. 08, 2015Oregon Labor Priorities
May. 02, 2015Understanding the TPP
May. 01, 2015$300 SNAP Benefits
Apr. 22, 2015Cyclists vs Drivers Round II
Apr. 19, 2015Cyclists vs Drivers Round I
Nov. 20, 2012The Big Bad Fluoride Monster
Oct. 03, 2012The Real Facts on Water Fluoridation
Sep. 27, 2012Say No to Fluoride
Nov. 15, 2011Occupy WalMart
Jun. 07, 2011Bridge to Endless Debt
Sep. 24, 2010How to win an election in this economy
Sep. 17, 2010Keep your government hands off my money
Aug. 28, 2010The Recession Cometh II
Aug. 24, 2010Medical Care Inflation
Aug. 23, 2010Don't Trust Economists
Mar. 24, 2010Health insurance bill trampling state rights?
Jan. 24, 2010Vote against Bernanke!
Jan. 13, 2010Financial Crisis, parte deux
Jan. 07, 2010Tear up the side streets!
Jan. 02, 2010Food Labeling Laws
Dec. 09, 2009Give the gift of time
Oct. 25, 2009OHSU is pretty darn expensive
Aug. 31, 2009Going into debt is just plain dumb
Aug. 19, 2009Our economy will soar like a wingless eagle
Aug. 12, 2009Holding Food Accountable
Jul. 28, 2009Eating our way to health care reform
Jun. 04, 2009Senator Merkley - Crook or Liar?
May. 28, 2009Why the story of Scott Hagwood could empower our schools
May. 26, 2009Why family time could empower our schools
May. 22, 2009Why brain nutrition could empower our schools
May. 20, 2009Why American schools are failing
May. 18, 2009Why American schools suck
Apr. 15, 2009The Real Red Nation
Apr. 15, 2009Unemployment Research
Apr. 13, 2009The Fructose Tax
Apr. 07, 2009Protect Your Skin!
Mar. 22, 2009Financial Meltdown Part Deux
Mar. 19, 2009Unfair TriMet Fares
Mar. 05, 2009Monaco Coach is bankrupt
Feb. 13, 2009Higher Taxation As An Economic Solution
Jan. 15, 2009Oregon's Road to Reality Recovery
Dec. 09, 2008Happy Consumerday!
Nov. 18, 2008The Grassroots Evolution
Nov. 15, 2008A Day Late and a Dollar Short
Oct. 16, 2008Taxes v. Employment
Oct. 10, 2008Yes, the financial mess will continue
Jun. 21, 2008Livestrong Challenge
Sep. 30, 2007Kicker 'n' the Asset Bubble

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