Chris Lowe

Raised by a book designer father and psychologist mother active in civil rights community organizing near Boston, Massachusetts, I first came to Oregon in 1977 to study at Reed’s Fine College ™, where I was recruited based on my surname to hit the drums for the college’s first punk rock band, Lotek (William Gibson cribbed our name). I have a Ph.D. from Yale in History – African, U.S., & comparative slavery – and lived and researched in Swaziland and South Africa. Work: college teacher, editor, OPB project research director. Activism has included abortion clinic defense, anti-apartheid, campus labor support, the Labor Party and Africa policy advocacy. Today I am active in the PDX Peace Coalition and the MoveOn PDX Council & belong to Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Coalition for a Livable Future, while completing an MPH program at OHSU, and trying to be a half-decent divorced dad. I resist anti-intellectualism, and still want to learn to make my own music.

PublishedTitle Comments
Jul. 04, 2014Equality on Independence Day
Jun. 02, 2014If not the hyper-regressive TUF to fix streets and sidewalks, what?
Jun. 02, 2014Novick and Hales: Regressive taxation is "doing the hard thing." No soap, guys
Jan. 13, 2014School Board must not impose a contract
Jan. 12, 2014Portland School Board: Don't impose a contract! Stay at the table! Don't force a strike!
Sep. 06, 2013The Oregon delegation on Syria, and a demo
Jul. 12, 2013BlueOregon Action: Hands Off KBOO!
Feb. 08, 2013Earl Blumenauer calls for end of Federal marijuana prohibition
Dec. 15, 2012... that's when I reach for my revolver
Dec. 12, 2012Defeat the Bad Nike Bill so questions can be aired
Dec. 10, 2012Kitzhaber's Nike gambit: Horrible policy or just bad reporting?
Nov. 15, 2012Multnomah County to sue MERS over mortgage recording fee evasion
Nov. 07, 2012A bad night for reactionary sex/gender politics (yay!)
Oct. 19, 2012Vote No on Portland Arts Tax Measure 26-146
Aug. 13, 2012Paul Ryan and the Democratic Safety Net Rubicon
May. 17, 2012Kucinich won't run in Washington
May. 02, 2012Health care system still in crisis, regardless of Supreme Court
May. 01, 2012Will mayoral candidates be tribunes of the people?
Feb. 27, 2012Rick Santorum: Not just a snob, but an arrogant, patronizing snob
Feb. 17, 2012CCO footnote for wonks: Malpractice cap amendment failed due to divided House
Feb. 15, 2012Update: Hostage released! CCO bill moves forward as Senator Johnson changes her mind
Feb. 10, 2012Senator Betsy Johnson joins Republicans in holding CCOs hostage to tort reform
Dec. 16, 2011Oregon progressives and the DPO should repudiate Wyden-Ryan Medicare sell-out
Aug. 08, 2011Could Mark Hatfield start in Oregon politics today?
Aug. 01, 2011Debt ceiling deal is a defeat -- what next?
Dec. 17, 2010Portland and the Joint Terrorism Task Force
Nov. 30, 2010Hands Off Social Security & Medicare!
Oct. 07, 2010Anti-war stirrings among Oregon officials, grassroots peace movement
Oct. 17, 2009If it's jobless, it's not a recovery
Oct. 02, 2009Portland City Council endorses single payer bill, calls for action from Congress and citizens
Sep. 21, 2009Pushback on health care reform, in Oregon and the country
Sep. 12, 2009Is a weak public plan option better than none?
Sep. 12, 2009What is a strong or robust public plan option?
Jul. 20, 2009Single payer roundup: Everybody In, Nobody Out!
Jul. 05, 20092010: John Kitzhaber's health politics, the governorship, and why he might not seek it
Jun. 27, 2009To Jeff Merkley on health care reform politics
Jun. 18, 2009Lents Park & stadium: Outrageous travesty of public process
Jun. 13, 2009Sex with ducks
May. 11, 2009Honest health care debate must include single payer
Jan. 31, 2009The economic crisis, political space and the political moment for left-progressives
Jan. 19, 2009Misremembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Let's not
Oct. 25, 2008Caging and vote-fraud zombies: Montana defeats scam, plus CPI nonsense
Oct. 16, 2008The personal and the political in an age of brass
Oct. 16, 2008"Winter Soldier Northwest": Veterans' testimonies in Portland Sat Oct 18
Oct. 15, 2008Elections fightback on racism & homophobia
Oct. 13, 2008McCain-Palin haiku
Oct. 08, 2008What Oregon races should be donation priorities?
Oct. 01, 2008Big finance bailout: What we can't afford
Oct. 01, 2008Bailout smoke and mirrors; JwJ calls for protest today
Sep. 19, 2008In case you're still undecided ...

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