Paul Evans

Paul Evans is the managing partner for Northwest Passage Trading Company (an import/export company dedicated to marketing Oregon products throughout Asia), an author (VeteranSpeak: An Introduction to the Language of Veterans), and an adjunct professor of public policy and speech.

Paul served as a senior policy advisor to Governor Ted Kulongoski for military and veterans’ affairs from 2007-2010 after running for the Oregon State Senate in 2006. He served his community as a city councilor, mayor, and school board member. Paul is a 20-year veteran with overseas service in Central/South America, Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other “hot spots” throughout the Middle East. He graduated from Oregon State University (MAIS) in 2001, and Western Oregon State College (BS) in 1992.

PublishedTitle Comments
Jan. 27, 2016Lottery Bill to Benefit Veterans
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Oct. 21, 2013An Open Letter to Senator Murray and Congressman Paul Ryan
Oct. 11, 2013Recall, Reframe, and Reform: Our Republic Needs You!
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Sep. 17, 2013Know the Game You're Trying to Play: Kitzhaber 1, Challengers 0
Sep. 09, 2013Things to Consider Beyond a Special Session
Sep. 02, 2013President Obama's Moment: Yes, He Understands The Stakes
Aug. 29, 2013Today The Work to Refresh The Dream Begins Anew
Aug. 28, 2013Wyden Deserves Our Support on Surveillance Reforms
Aug. 26, 2013An American Dream: In Progress
Aug. 16, 2013Appropriateness in Foreign Policy is a Virtue, Really
Aug. 13, 2013Somewhere the ghosts of Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, and Zebulon Baird Vance are smiling...
Aug. 12, 2013Chicken-hawks, Clowns, Corporatia, and Curmudgeons... A National Big Tent Strategy for 2016
Aug. 02, 2013The Cautionary Tale of Rudy Crew
Jul. 29, 2013A Speech that Changed America
Jul. 23, 2013Sad Time for Motor City...
Jul. 18, 2013A Time to Serve...
Jul. 08, 2013Go Team Sherwood...!
Jul. 02, 2013Energy-Independence Day 2013
Jun. 16, 2013Endgame at the Legislature 2013: A Special Time
Jun. 10, 2013Help! Lucy Must Be Stopped! It is Time for a New Game...
Jun. 02, 2013Cops, Firefighters, Teachers, Public Employees... Lend Me Your Ears
May. 27, 2013A Memorial Day Wish: And a Plan to Make it so
May. 11, 2013It's Election Time: Vote Now!
May. 08, 2013Hallelujah: Mark Sanford and the Abolition of GOP “Family Values” Trojan Horse
May. 07, 2013Gun Violence Control: An Argument for a Comprehensive Strategy
Apr. 30, 2013A Free Press and an Expensive Dinner
Apr. 26, 2013If There Be War, Then Let Us Do It Right This Time... PLEASE...
Apr. 15, 2013A Letter to US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
Apr. 11, 2013Whipped Cream atop a plate of Haggis
Mar. 14, 2013Something Big Lurks Just Ahead...
Mar. 07, 2013A Win/Win for Oregon: Chandra Brown to the US Department of Commerce
Mar. 05, 2013With the Big Rock in play - Let the Games Begin
Mar. 02, 2013Sequestration Is On Us... Until We Demand REAL Change
Feb. 27, 2013An Open Letter to US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
Feb. 22, 2013The War We Don’t Have to Fight… Hopefully…
Feb. 18, 2013More Than a Bumper Sticker or a Kind Word... Please
Feb. 05, 201321st Century Politics: America Divided by a Common Language
Feb. 04, 2013A Veterans' Agenda for 2013 - Together We Can Make This Happen
Jan. 19, 2013Our American Inaugural
Jan. 11, 2013Absurdity on The Hill
Dec. 27, 2012Grab Your Preservers, We're Gonna Go Over the Cliff...
Dec. 23, 2012We Don't Need to be Stupid, Really We Can Be Better...
Dec. 04, 2012A Treaty Lost
Dec. 03, 2012Saxby Chambliss Retreats To Save His Skin
Nov. 15, 2012More than meets the eye: Tribal Politics and the DoD
Nov. 13, 2012President Obama should ask Hillary to stay for another year
Nov. 10, 2012Another Possible Lesson from Vietnam?

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