A Win/Win for Oregon: Chandra Brown to the US Department of Commerce

Paul Evans

Congratulations to Chandra Brown! She has been named the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Manufacturing for the US Department of Commerce. It's a win/win for Oregon: DC gets an energetic new member of the Commerce Team, and Oregon gets one of our own at the "big table."

She's going to do great things in DC.

Chandra serves as the CEO of United Streetcar and has been a "go-to person" on a number of important economic development initatives for the Obama Administration since 2009. A leader in the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition, she has helped manufacturers throughout Oregon and the region strengthen existing trade relationships and expand upon economic development opportunities.

Jeff Mapes wrote a good article about this appointment yesterday on Oregonlive: http://www.oregonlive.com/mapes/index.ssf/2013/03/clackamas_streetcar_executive.html.

Chandra has been a powerful voice for all of us. And for those involved in manufacturing/trade issues, she is a proven "force-multiplier" for any situation.

It's exciting that the Obama Administration has rewarded her enthusiasm and spirit. Good fortune Chandra!

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