Jon Perr

Jon Perr is a technology marketing consultant based in Portland, Oregon. Jon has long been active in Democratic politics and public policy as an organizer and advisor in California and Massachusetts. His past roles include field staffer for Gary Hart for President (1984), organizer of Silicon Valley tech executives backing President Clinton's call for national education standards (1997), recruiter of tech executives for Al Gore's and John Kerry's presidential campaigns, and co-coordinator of MassTech for Robert Reich (2002). A member of the New Democrat Network, Jon also blogs at

PublishedTitle Comments
Oct. 06, 2008Obama Expands GOTV Effort with iPhone App
Jul. 03, 2008A Conversation with "Real McCain" Author Cliff Schecter
May. 30, 2008Gordon Smith, UnRepublican
May. 12, 2008McCain's Environmental Smoke Screen
May. 08, 2008Reinhard, Like McCain, Silent on Hagee, Armageddon and Iran
Mar. 09, 2008Hillary Clinton Follows Reagan's 11th Commandment
Jan. 11, 2008Correction: Oregonian Coverage of Omagh Trial
Dec. 21, 2007The Oregonian Inserts Anti-Abortion Rhetoric in Omagh Bombing Story
Nov. 16, 2007Employer-Based Health Coverage Declines in Oregon, U.S.
Aug. 09, 2007Kulongoski - and the Numbers - Support Healthy Kids Program
Jul. 06, 2007Gordon Smith Sits on Fence, Feels Libby's Pain
Jun. 12, 2007Oregon House Passes Half-Measure on Workplace Religious Freedom
May. 05, 2007Did OPB Bury "A Brief History of Disbelief?"
Apr. 23, 2007CSI Portland and Other Oregon Open Source Happenings
Mar. 15, 2007Gordon Smith Calls for Gonzales to Step Down?
Feb. 27, 2007Seattle Sonics: Public Financing of Private Bigotry?
Feb. 19, 2007One Cheer for Hillary Clinton
Feb. 08, 2007Tucker Carlson's Hot Air on Kulongoski and Climate Change
Feb. 05, 2007Gordon Smith Caves, Blocks Iraq Debate
Jan. 27, 2007Reinhard's Ridiculous Hillary Hatred
Dec. 27, 2006Gordon Smith and the Resurrection of Trent Lott
Oct. 31, 2006Mitt Happens to Ron Saxton
Oct. 22, 2006Bush Cuts and Runs on Stay the Course
Jul. 24, 2006Oregon Open Source Showcase at OSCON
Apr. 05, 2006The Gate Crashers: A Discussion with Jerome and Markos
Apr. 04, 2006Hammer Time for Jim Feldkamp?
Mar. 22, 2006Economy Watch: How Oregon Cities Stack Up
Mar. 06, 2006Senate Showdown Tuesday on NSA Domestic Spying
Jan. 15, 2006The Good, the Bad and the Ugly at the Leadership Summit
Dec. 08, 2005The Wages of Spin
Nov. 09, 2005Voting with Their Wallets
Oct. 24, 2005Jim Feldkamp and Delay's Dollars in the 4th District
Oct. 02, 2005Open Source Software, Open Source Politics
Sep. 05, 2005TABOR Pains II: Colorado Comes Undone
Sep. 04, 2005Decision Time for Wyden on the Dynasty Dividend
Aug. 08, 2005Open for Business
Aug. 03, 2005Slippery Slope for Choice in Salem
Jun. 30, 2005The Road Trip Not Taken
Jun. 29, 2005Report Card: The Bush Iraq Speech
Jun. 19, 2005The British Are Coming!
Jun. 09, 2005The WiFi Cloud from Texas
Jun. 07, 2005Feedback Request: Oregon Progressive Resource Center
May. 29, 2005Remembering the Troops and Their Families
May. 22, 2005A View from the Summit
May. 10, 2005A Conversation with Al Franken
May. 08, 2005Mark Hall's Leap of Faith
May. 05, 2005Oregon's Next New Thing
Apr. 26, 2005Yet Another Bush Blue State Payback?
Apr. 24, 2005The Coming Conservative Meltdown?
Apr. 14, 2005Left at the Altar

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