Bush Cuts and Runs on Stay the Course

Jon Perr

With the looming midterm elections and the imminent report from James Baker's Iraq Study Group facing them like a double-barreled shotgun, Congressional Republicans are beginning to cut and run on President Bush's failed Iraq strategy. In recent days, Senators Chuck Hagel (R-NE), John Warner (R-VA) and Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) have garnered most of the attention with their critiques of a "stay the course" policy that has left Iraq "drifting sideways."

Now, it appears President Bush is joining their ranks.

As ThinkProgress reported this morning, Bush on ABC's This Week himself cut and run on stay the course, proclaiming, "We've never been stay the course!" (ThinkProgress notes that the President's legendary verbal incontinence features a long history of "stay the course" citations.)

Sadly for the President, "Stay the Course" remains #5 on the Top 10 GOP Sound Bites list:

  • Scott in Boring (unverified)

    Republicans cut and run from their obligations to properly equip and train our men and women in combat. Republicans cut and run from their obligations to provide adequete health, housing, and education benefits for our returning veterans. Republicans cut and run from their obligations to our environment, shipping jobs oversees, 48 million Americans without healthcare, and running up an historic federal deficeit larger than ALL other presidents COMBINED!!

    Republicans - the party of cut and run!

  • Daniel DiRito (unverified)

    The problem, as I view it, is that virtually all the actions of this President in the region are fomenting instability and hostility that may soon reach a point of no return. Even worse, the efforts of this administration are failing to create a wedge between extremist leaders and their populations. On the contrary, the language used by this administration, coupled with the perception that the U.S. is engaged in unwarranted and ideological aggression, has served to push otherwise moderate populations into alignment with radical governments and extremist organizations.

    As I attempt to grasp the magnitude of allowing this President unfettered authority between now and the end of his second term, I can't help but wonder what it would take to dissuade a man with his level of certainty and conviction from undertaking the actions that will facilitate the ideations he seems convinced have been presented to him through a mix of fate and faith.

    History may well record this chapter as a period of unparalleled extremism. Worse yet, the United States may well be viewed as the primary force in facilitating that eventuality. George Bush, when asked about his legacy, seems content to respond that while he can't predict the future he believes his actions will prove to be pivotal. He may well be correct but, in this instance, I would suggest he recall the expression, "Be careful what you wish for".

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  • Kevin (unverified)

    "verbal incontinence"

    <h2>LOL!! What an apt description of Dear Leader's rhetorical skills.</h2>

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