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BlueOregon is the brainchild of Kari Chisholm, who says he helped launch it because, "well, it seemed like something I wanted to read." Once a political campaign hack, Chisholm now runs Mandate Media, a consulting firm that does "internet strategy for people changing the world." His personal blog covers Politics & Technology. In 1999-2001, Chisholm was the volunteer board chair of X-PAC, a nonpartisan group that sought to build a new generation of political leaders and community activists in Oregon.

PublishedTitle Comments
Mar. 15, 2018Tell Republicans: Reject the NRA
Feb. 03, 2017Stupidest bill of the 2017 legislative session?
Jan. 30, 2017Rosenblum: Trump order is "illegal"
Jan. 25, 2017Merkley forces Trump nominee to tell the truth on inauguration crowd size
Dec. 21, 2016Boom! Oregon is almost certain to get a SIXTH congressional seat.
Nov. 08, 2016Punditology 2016: Our collective, conventional wisdom
Nov. 07, 2016Four reasons to vote for Brad Avakian
Nov. 04, 2016Punditology 2016: Which political nerd will reign supreme?
Nov. 03, 2016Jeff Merkley has a thing for Harry Potter (video)
Oct. 20, 2016Barack Obama has a message for Oregonians (video)
Aug. 23, 2016Will Republicans leave the GOP over Trump? Here's one:
Aug. 10, 2016Sen. Alan Bates mourned; successor sought in SD-3
Jul. 26, 2016WATCH: Jeff Merkley at the Democratic Convention
Jul. 25, 2016Merkley, Kotek to speak tonight at Democratic Convention
Jul. 06, 2016Merkley for Vice President?
Jun. 22, 2016OR-SOS: Chuck Adams and his hilariously bad "poll" in the Avakian/Richardson race
Jun. 07, 2016A moratorium on all oil train traffic through the Columbia Gorge
Jun. 02, 2016Ken Starr vs. Ron Wyden
May. 23, 2016The baffling outcome in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate
May. 18, 2016Random thoughts and reactions on primary night
May. 17, 2016Election Night Parties!
May. 03, 2016Donald Trump is coming to Oregon
Apr. 13, 2016BREAKING: Jeff Merkley endorses Bernie Sanders
Apr. 12, 2016Sign the Petition: calling for equal pay
Apr. 11, 2016Diane Rosenbaum makes John Oliver's HBO show
Apr. 05, 2016Sign the Petition: Repeal the Hyde Amendment
Mar. 21, 2016Gov. Brown endorses Clinton for President
Mar. 02, 2016Stop Raiding Social Security Benefits to Pay Loans
Mar. 01, 2016Word for word: Ted Wheeler's plagiarized plan on affordable housing
Feb. 29, 2016OR-5: Dave McTeague issues primary challenge to Kurt Schrader
Feb. 09, 2016CHART: The latest update to the Oregon minimum wage plan
Jan. 28, 2016Fact of the day: Oregon vs. Washington schools
Jan. 26, 2016Commission recommends that Judge Vance Day, a former Oregon GOP chair, be removed from office
Jan. 26, 2016Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer draws a challenger
Jan. 17, 2016CHART: How do the minimum wage proposals stack up?
Dec. 21, 2015We've lost a Portland icon. Goodbye, Ron Paul.
Dec. 15, 2015At the Portland Public Schools, arms are open to Muslim students and families
Dec. 07, 2015Merkley calls it: The Worst Idea from a Presidential Candidate. Ever.
Nov. 24, 2015Will Oregon finally fix its broken tax system?
Nov. 03, 2015The Great Mentioner considers the Portland Mayor's race
Oct. 28, 2015Full video: Avakian, Devlin, Hoyle debate
Oct. 26, 2015Charlie Hales drops out of Mayor's race
Oct. 20, 2015Secretary of State: Avakian, Devlin, Hoyle get underway
Oct. 20, 2015Could Greg Walden be the next House Speaker?
Oct. 19, 2015Wheeler scores an endorsement trifecta
Oct. 09, 2015President Obama in Roseburg
Oct. 06, 2015It's official: Brad Avakian is running for Secretary of State
Oct. 06, 2015Obama to visit Roseburg on Friday
Oct. 05, 2015Wheeler calls for 12 debates with Hales
Oct. 04, 2015In Roseburg, a "good guy with a gun" explains why he couldn't help

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