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BlueOregon is the brainchild of Kari Chisholm, who says he helped launch it because, "well, it seemed like something I wanted to read." Once a political campaign hack, Chisholm now runs Mandate Media, a consulting firm that does "internet strategy for people changing the world." His personal blog covers Politics & Technology. In 1999-2001, Chisholm was the volunteer board chair of X-PAC, a nonpartisan group that sought to build a new generation of political leaders and community activists in Oregon.

May 10, 2005Thank God for Virginia, Delaware, and North Carolina
May 06, 2005Call the SOB's
May 04, 2005Gordon Smith's Ethics Problem
May 02, 2005Screwed by Shell Oil: Welcome to the free market, Brent
April 26, 2005Rally to Stop the Judicial Takeover
April 22, 2005Jack Dick, the last great haircut
April 21, 2005Greg Walden & Tom DeLay
April 17, 2005Welcome to BlueOregon, Mr. Sizemore
April 07, 2005It's not about "dirty money"
April 05, 2005What do you drive?
March 29, 2005The progressive blogosphere
March 25, 2005The Nick Fish Show
March 19, 2005National Corndog Day!
March 16, 2005Quote of the Day: Harry Reid
March 16, 2005Phil Stanford, You Lose
March 08, 2005<i>New Year Baby</i> and the Cambodian Genocide
March 07, 2005MSNBC: "Portland, the Heroin Capital of the West Coast"
March 07, 2005Will Gordon Smith defend Oregon's minimum wage?
March 02, 2005Blogs from Progressive Organizations?
February 25, 2005Politics on Film
February 25, 2005Turns out, Darth Vader is a woman.
February 23, 2005Five Minutes of Basketball
February 22, 2005Blazers: Still not fan-friendly
February 16, 2005Rules for Journalists...
February 12, 2005Jenny from the Blog at the DNC
February 11, 2005Growing Pains at BlueOregon
February 09, 2005Ted Kulongoski for President?
February 08, 2005Oregon GOP blog
February 04, 2005Action Alert: Vote Pro-Choice at KATU
February 03, 2005Gotta love Rasheed Wallace
February 02, 2005One eye on my beer, one eye on Dubya
January 13, 2005Torture Airlines: Based in Portland?
January 12, 2005Cha-cha-changes at Willamette Week
January 04, 2005Welcome to BlueOregon, Lars.
December 30, 2004Please ignore the Man behind the curtain. Or not.
December 24, 2004Downtown Portland: Clean and Safe
December 21, 2004The Phil Stanford Watch
December 18, 2004Brett Elliott: the best in the land
December 14, 2004A Wager for Phil Stanford
December 03, 2004Dubya: The Movie
November 24, 2004Wait a minute: Joe Trippi for DNC Chair!
November 16, 2004Move to Portland, not Canada!
November 13, 2004Fox News: Subsidizing Porn
November 09, 2004So much for unity and healing
November 06, 2004Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.
November 04, 2004The Loyal Opposition
November 02, 2004Election Party Roundup
October 30, 2004You Gotta Want It
October 29, 2004Bush Busted by NASA Photo Analyst
October 29, 2004Polling 101, Vote Maps, and Punditology

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