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BlueOregon is the brainchild of Kari Chisholm, who says he helped launch it because, "well, it seemed like something I wanted to read." Once a political campaign hack, Chisholm now runs Mandate Media, a consulting firm that does "internet strategy for people changing the world." His personal blog covers Politics & Technology. In 1999-2001, Chisholm was the volunteer board chair of X-PAC, a nonpartisan group that sought to build a new generation of political leaders and community activists in Oregon.

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Oct. 02, 2013How the special session votes broke down
Oct. 02, 2013Special session races to a close
Sep. 30, 2013What's happening at the State Capitol?! Live updates...
Sep. 24, 2013OR-2: Will Greg Walden draw a primary challenger?
Sep. 17, 2013Why Sara Gelser's run for State Senate is such a big deal.
Sep. 17, 2013Jeff Merkley wins his fight against Larry Summers
Sep. 11, 2013What's up with Bruce Hanna?
Sep. 06, 2013Citing family, Jeff Cogen resigns
Sep. 05, 2013OR-SEN: Have the Republicans found a candidate to challenge Jeff Merkley?
Aug. 28, 2013Peter Courtney: "I’m hoping my goat feels that love."
Aug. 16, 2013Governor Kitzhaber vetoes the Native American mascot bill
Aug. 15, 2013Should Oregon ban Native American mascots? What if tribes OK them?
Aug. 13, 2013Guns-in-schools lunacy comes to Oregon
Aug. 06, 2013Kaboom! Marriage campaign gets off to a rockin' start
Aug. 06, 2013Will the last Oregon Republican Party officer to leave please turn out the lights? (updated)
Aug. 01, 2013No, not all "sex scandals" are created equal
Jul. 31, 2013Why is Ted Ferrioli hanging out with convicted felons, racists, homophobes, and conspiracy theorists on Saturday?
Jul. 25, 2013OR-GOV: Dennis Richardson runs for Governor
Jul. 24, 2013Eliot Spitzer apologizes, promises to revise ad featuring Oregon's Caitlin Baggott and her daughter
Jul. 23, 20135272 people tell KBOO: We'd love to hear Thom Hartmann on the air!
Jul. 17, 2013Playing nuclear chicken, the Democrats ran the GOP off the road.
Jul. 10, 2013The "terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad idea that just won't die" is finally dead. For now.
Jul. 08, 2013How would you promote health care in Oregon?
Jun. 28, 2013Watch Rep. Jules Bailey dismiss Rep. Tim Freeman's "I'm a corporation and I'm a person" argument
Jun. 26, 2013OK, so what does the end of DOMA and Prop 8 mean for Oregon?
Jun. 26, 2013Supreme Court strikes down DOMA and rejects Prop 8 challenge.
Jun. 26, 2013Former Oregon GOP chairman Craig Berkman pleads guilty to fraud charges
Jun. 24, 2013Netroots Nation: Starring Jeff Merkley, with an assist from Elizabeth Warren
Jun. 17, 2013Schools budget defeated 15-15.
Jun. 14, 2013All Republicans in Multnomah County should be ashamed of their county party today.
Jun. 11, 2013As pressure mounts, Mayor Hales offers apology to Commissioner Smith
May. 31, 2013Luring the next generation of techies to Portland
May. 31, 2013City auditors smack Mayor Hales
May. 28, 2013Appalachia in Oregon
May. 22, 2013In which Rep. Sara Gelser is going to make you cry. And then, you'll get angry.
May. 22, 2013Senate confirms Michael McShane, Oregon's newest federal judge - and makes a little history
May. 21, 2013What comes after ObamaCare? John Kitzhaber's air conditioner...
May. 20, 2013Top Ten Reasons the Republicans Won't Deal
May. 06, 2013Peter DeFazio fights to save one of the modern wonders of the world
May. 02, 2013How a little kid brought hope to an entire city
Apr. 25, 2013A big waste of money. But was it a push poll?
Apr. 23, 2013Big news: With Baucus retirement, Wyden poised for Finance chair
Apr. 23, 2013Senator Betsy Johnson recuperating from car accident
Apr. 22, 2013At Greg Walden's NRCC, they're raising millions - so where'd it all go?
Apr. 16, 2013Sales tax? What do you think?
Apr. 10, 2013Going out for donuts, or how BlueOregon is kicking the activism up a notch
Apr. 02, 2013Kitzhaber signs tuition equity law. AP officially changes style on "illegal immigrant"
Apr. 02, 2013Why are fiscal conservatives opposing Chris Garrett's fiscally conservative ballot measure reform idea?
Mar. 28, 2013How Ron Wyden became the first U.S. Senator ever to endorse marriage equality
Mar. 27, 2013Wyden: Against DOMA since 1996

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