Thanks to Measure 85, corporate kicker to kick $43m to Oregon schools!

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Oregon's tax kicker is dumb. The idea that we should send tax money back just because the state economist gets the estimate wrong is nothing short of dumb.

But at least, Measure 85 -- approved by voters by a 60-40 margin in 2012 -- makes the corporate kicker a little bit less dumb.

That's because Measure 85 makes it so that when the corporate kicker kicks, the money goes to Oregon's K-12 schools, instead of to the out-of-state corporations that were always befuddled by the random tax refund they used to get.

And it appears that in 2015-2017, Oregon's schools will get around $43 million from the corporate kicker.

As Scott Moore writes over at the Sockeye, "Supporters of the Corporate Kicker for K-12 campaign should take a moment to celebrate. Our victory is a clear example of the power of grassroots campaigns to make Oregon a better place to live."

Good work, folks.


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