Charlie Burr

Charlie has worked to elect Democrats on both sides of the Cascades and at all levels of Oregon government. Last election cycle, Burr managed the successful No on Constitutional Amendment 35 campaign (Med Mal). Despite being outspent by nearly $3 million dollars, the coalition achieved a narrow upset making Oregon the only Presidential battleground state to defeat "tort reform" in 2004. In 2002, Burr managed Charlie Ringo's winning race against Christian Coalition founder Bill Witt, making Oregon one of only two states in which Democrats regained control of a Legislative chamber that year. In 2005, Charlie worked in the Republican stronghold of Nassau County, New York, managing what the New York Times called the "Democrats first serious attempt at the Town's top job." Charlie has been active with the League of Conservation Voters, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, Community Alliance of Tenants, Oregon Bus Project and many other progressive groups. He lives in northeast Portland with his wife Libby Upham and chocolate lab Eads.

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