Patch Adam Perryman

Patch Adam Perryman is a political and non-fiction writer. He is a longtime advocate for skilled medical technicians' rights and furthering the education of all health professionals. He has 20 years of direct patient care experience and currently works in surgery at Oregon Health & Science University. Patch is a native Oregonian with southwest coastal roots to which he credits his focused passions to resolve environmental and blue-collar issues. He is a 2006 graduate of Portland State University with a Bachelor's Degree in General Science and plans to enter the University of Oregon's School of Communications and Journalism in 2010. He lives in Milwaukie, Oregon with his radiant wife and rowdy puppy.

March 10, 2009Zakaria's Point, Sober and Resounding.
January 05, 2009Welcome to the Show, Ms. Hovde.

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