Carla Axtman

Carla Axtman is a political animal and blogger. She started blogging in 2004 as a response to the malaise and frustration of progressive politics & politics on both the national & local levels. Carla specializes in online organizing and communications. Another politico recently referred to her thusly: "...a cross between a pitbull, a barracuda and a scorpion. ... She's ferocious."

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Oct. 31, 2014OR-SEN: Koch Brothers commit new $200k ad buy against Merkley
Jul. 30, 2014OR-SEN: It's just a fantasy.
May. 19, 2014BREAKING: Marriage Ban struck down
May. 16, 2014This part of the Wehby story doesn't add up
May. 16, 2014Monica Wehby: Creepy Stalker
Apr. 22, 2014OR-SEN: the Monica Wehby follies
Apr. 10, 2014You pay taxes. Corporations should pay them too.
Feb. 27, 2014Bust up the corporate broadband monopoly
Feb. 24, 2014Spanning the State: Shake those winter blues, Edition
Feb. 19, 2014In search of a happy ending for a story that should have gone much differently
Feb. 17, 2014Oregonians deserve to know
Feb. 17, 2014Spanning the State: Segregation doesn't belong in Oregon, Edition
Feb. 10, 2014Spanning the State: Support your local farmer Edition
Feb. 08, 2014Sign the petition: Support the "lock box" for school dollars
Feb. 06, 2014Why Oregon's marriage equality fight is so crucial
Feb. 03, 2014Rep. Julie Parrish does something right.
Feb. 03, 2014Spanning the State: The ecstacy and the agony, Edition
Jan. 29, 2014The GOP drag their knuckles into the 21st Century
Jan. 28, 2014New poll: Big majority of Oregonians favor expanding background checks
Jan. 27, 2014Spanning the State: Knock me over with a feather, Edition
Jan. 22, 2014Let's honor a true hero for women in Oregon
Jan. 21, 2014If Oregon is going to make the Washington Post, this seems a good way to do it
Jan. 21, 2014The latest example that proves Steve Novick is a badass
Jan. 20, 2014Spanning the State: Good Samaritan Edition
Jan. 17, 2014You're rocking it. 1800 signatures for background checks. Keep it up!
Jan. 16, 2014House and Senate Dems announce their agendas
Jan. 14, 2014MultCo GOP is more than happy to show you how stupid they think you are
Jan. 14, 2014Don't let the NRA have this one
Jan. 13, 2014Spanning the State: Backhanded Compliments Edition
Jan. 09, 2014Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse announces for WaCo Commission
Jan. 06, 2014Spanning the State: Pestilence Edition
Dec. 30, 2013Spanning the State: Ringing in 2014 in style, Edition
Dec. 23, 2013Spanning the State: Be good to each other, Edition
Dec. 22, 2013BREAKING: Mitt Romney wins! Wait..what?
Dec. 18, 2013The two faces of WaCo Commissioner Bob Terry
Dec. 18, 2013ORSEN: Larry George is out. Does it matter?
Dec. 12, 2013Oregon deserves WAY better than what Cover Oregon has done (or hasn't done)
Dec. 11, 2013We can honor Cindy Yuille by curbing gun violence in Oregon
Dec. 09, 2013Spanning the State: Off our asses, Edition
Dec. 05, 2013Tell the FCC: Pull Clear Channel's license for KPOJ
Dec. 02, 2013Spanning the State: Because...Oregon.
Nov. 25, 2013US Sen: Today in I Love My Senator
Nov. 25, 2013Spanning the State: I bleed purple and red, Edition
Nov. 22, 2013OR Lege: Hoyle gets paid by FuturePAC. Good.
Nov. 22, 2013US Sen: Filibuster reform a reality thanks to Jeff Merkley
Nov. 20, 2013US Sen: Dr. Monica Wehby is already caught zhooshing her cred
Nov. 19, 2013Thinking differently about homelessness
Nov. 18, 2013If journalism dies a death of 1000 cuts, this will be one of them.
Nov. 18, 2013Spanning the State: Cave Dweller Edition
Nov. 15, 2013Seattle gets some socialism

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