Carla Axtman

Carla Axtman is a political animal and blogger. She started blogging in 2004 as a response to the malaise and frustration of progressive politics & politics on both the national & local levels. Carla specializes in online organizing and communications. Another politico recently referred to her thusly: "...a cross between a pitbull, a barracuda and a scorpion. ... She's ferocious."

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Jun. 17, 2013OR Lege: Education budget on the brink
Jun. 10, 2013OR Lege: It's all about the budget
Jun. 07, 2013OR Lege: Ray of hope squelched
Jun. 07, 2013Demand that Oregon Republicans end the hostage standoff
Jun. 05, 2013OR Lege: Gun legislation still alive
Jun. 03, 2013OR Lege: Dead Bills, Live Bills and Hostages
May. 31, 2013Bruce Hanna wants you to buy his cupcakes
May. 30, 2013OR Lege: Time to deliver the goods
May. 22, 2013Jeff Merkley caught red handed asking the IRS to do its damn job
May. 20, 2013OR Lege: Hostages, Hatfield and other observations
May. 16, 2013The Oregon GOP don't want to win elections in Oregon ever again.
May. 13, 2013On gun safety, the BlueOregon community is being heard loud and clear
May. 13, 2013Michele Bachmann loves you, Eugene.
May. 09, 2013The Oregon Senate and Gun Safety: Let's Have A Vote
May. 06, 2013OR Lege: The grand center, or lack thereof
May. 02, 2013It's not easy being red (in a blue state)
Apr. 29, 2013OR Lege: Decorum and other observations.
Apr. 22, 2013OR Lege: Votes to watch, bills that died and Julie Parrish melts down
Apr. 18, 2013The US Senate failed us. Let's make sure the Oregon Senate doesn't.
Apr. 17, 2013Update: Oregon's gun safety legislation in the Senate
Apr. 15, 2013OR Lege: Go east, my friends
Apr. 11, 2013It's time for the Oregon Legislature to pass common sense gun safety legislation
Apr. 09, 2013OR Lege: Deadlines and Road Shows
Apr. 01, 2013OR Lege: Will common sense prevail?
Mar. 25, 2013OR Lege: No Spring Break for the Legislature Edition
Mar. 24, 2013Clackamas Light Rail Measure: burning through county tax dollars for nothing
Mar. 21, 2013Tuition Equity heads to the Governor's desk
Mar. 18, 2013OR-Lege: Drones & PERS
Mar. 11, 2013OR-Lege: It will be spray tans from now on, kids.
Mar. 06, 2013Today's badass move by Senator Ron Wyden
Mar. 05, 2013Clackistan!
Mar. 04, 2013OR Lege: Bridges, Budgets and Business
Feb. 28, 2013Oregon's incredibly shrinking counties--what to do?
Feb. 25, 2013OR Lege: Julie Parrish's weird Anti-Tuition Equity Flyer
Feb. 25, 2013OR-Lege: CRC, Death Penalty, Foreclosure and other light topics.
Feb. 22, 2013Dear Matt Wingard: Stop playing a legislator on Twitter
Feb. 18, 2013OR-Lege: Getting down to work
Jan. 28, 2013Oregon's 2013 Legislative Session: Let's get ready to ruuuuumble!
Jan. 25, 2013Merkley fights to the end, while Reid makes weak filibuster agreement
Jan. 22, 2013A grateful heart for warriors who work on choice
Jan. 17, 2013Some Oregon sheriffs are embarrassing us
Jan. 08, 2013Greg Walden offers lip service on budget cuts
Dec. 24, 2012Best Public Policy Wonk in Oregon: Go.
Dec. 17,'s an idea: How about we NOT turn schools into a complete war zone?
Dec. 17, 2012One more on the Nike deal
Dec. 14, 2012Oregon's hostage crisis-Nike takes key provision off the table
Dec. 13, 2012Oregon's hostage crisis: negotiations commence
Dec. 13, 2012Oregon's hostage crisis
Dec. 07, 2012US Sen: Merkley approval skyrockets
Dec. 05, 2012Goodbye Gary Bray. We only sort of knew ye.

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