The Oregon Senate and Gun Safety: Let's Have A Vote

Carla Axtman

Since right now it's looking like we're not going to get a brave Republican and Senate President Peter Courtney says that the votes for the very common sense gun legislation aren't there for passage, the bills are held up in the Senate Rules Committee.

Very unfortunate.

Update: Senate President Courtney is working hard to get consensus on background checks, bringing Republicans and Democrats to the table to try and get these passed. We think that deserves thanks. So let's make sure to thank him in our calls and emails to his office. But if they can't reach consensus, a vote still needs to happen.

We've been waiting for a vote to be scheduled so that we could turn in the Blue Oregon Action petition, which has just over 2700 signatures from Oregonians all over the state. But Senator Courtney says a vote won't happen if its clear the bills can't pass.

That's unacceptable.

These bills and this issue are MUCH too important for Oregon to let them just wither like this. We deserve a vote. We should get to know which of our Oregon Senators is choosing to side with the gun lobby over background checks for private gun sales and other reasonable gun safety legislation.

Contact Senator Courtney's office today and ask him to allow the vote (and thank him for trying to find a way to get consensus on background checks).

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1600 Email: [email protected]

We're going to deliver this petition to the legislature tomorrow. In the meantime, if you haven't signed the petition, please do so now. Then post this blog on your Facebook wall and ask your friends to sign.

To the Oregon Legislature:

To prevent mass shootings, save lives, and curb gun violence, it's time to expand Oregon's common-sense gun safety laws this year. Please act without delay.


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