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Apr. 25, 2015 Kari Chisholm Background checks: Get it done.
Apr. 22, 2015 Jenson Hagen Cyclists vs Drivers Round II
Apr. 21, 2015 Kari Chisholm Hoyle, McLain, and Riley face recalls by gun activists (even though that's dumb)
Apr. 19, 2015 Jenson Hagen Cyclists vs Drivers Round I
Apr. 17, 2015 Kari Chisholm Governor Kate Brown makes State of the State address (full text)
Apr. 17, 2015 T.A. Barnhart Platinum? Hardly
Apr. 15, 2015 Chuck Sheketoff What’s Worse Than Earning Oregon’s Inadequate Minimum Wage? Having it Stolen
Apr. 15, 2015 Chuck Sheketoff Hundreds of Corporations Never Sing This
Apr. 14, 2015 Kari Chisholm It's time to raise Oregon's minimum wage. But how high should it go?
Apr. 13, 2015 Chuck Sheketoff Corporation Tells Truth About Tax Subsidy
Apr. 12, 2015 T.A. Barnhart Misplaced Fury
Apr. 7, 2015 Not good enough: The $7.255 billion K-12 Budget
Apr. 2, 2015 Must Oregon Settle for a Blue Dog?
Mar. 31, 2015 Climate Action Now. Seriously.
Mar. 31, 2015 T.A. Barnhart Indiana welcomes you to the holy wars
Mar. 31, 2015 Kari Chisholm What do you do if your boss steals your paycheck?
Mar. 27, 2015 Kyle Curtis Oregon's Political Winners & Losers for the Week of March 27, 2015
Mar. 26, 2015 Rick North Will Oregon's Congressional Democrats Walk Their Environmental Talk?
Mar. 20, 2015 Protecting Oregonians' privacy in life – and death
Mar. 20, 2015 Kyle Curtis Mitch McConnell Asks States to Ignore EPA Rules Regarding Coal--How Will Gov. Brown Respond?
Mar. 18, 2015 Kari Chisholm The City Club remembers Gretchen Kafoury
Mar. 18, 2015 Why I’m running: My vision for an accessible, collaborative, and prosperous PCC
Mar. 17, 2015 Kari Chisholm Kate Brown draws a 2016 opponent: Bud Pierce
Mar. 14, 2015 Kari Chisholm Gretchen Kafoury, 1942-2015
Mar. 10, 2015 Kari Chisholm Dave Frohnmayer, 1940-2015
Mar. 10, 2015 Kari Chisholm Will Ted Wheeler challenge Charlie Hales for mayor?
Mar. 7, 2015 Kari Chisholm Atkins won't run in 2016. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
Mar. 6, 2015 Kari Chisholm BREAKING: Gov. Brown names Jeanne Atkins as Secretary of State
Mar. 6, 2015 Chuck Sheketoff Oregon’s Higher Ed Cuts In Perspective
Mar. 4, 2015 Chuck Sheketoff Food Stamp Use and Oregon's Commitment to Help Families
Mar. 4, 2015 Clean Fuels: Let's get it done. It's time!
Feb. 28, 2015 It's time to rethink how Oregon schools work
Feb. 27, 2015 Yes, we can build infrastructure to fight climate change
Feb. 26, 2015 Conversion Therapy: Dangerous and in Need of Banning—Take It From Someone Who Learned the Hard Way
Feb. 26, 2015 Why I am running for the Portland Community College Board of Directors
Feb. 25, 2015 The lessons that we should have learned when the CRC failed
Feb. 24, 2015 I am a survivor of "conversion therapy." It's time to ban it in Oregon.
Feb. 24, 2015 What will it take to make Oregon the best place to be a kid?
Feb. 23, 2015 Kari Chisholm Can I get an amen?
Feb. 22, 2015 T.A. Barnhart Independent investigator, yes. Reforms, no.
Feb. 22, 2015 The Oregonian's misleading take on climate change
Feb. 21, 2015 Gov. Kate Brown's first press conference (video)
Feb. 20, 2015 Chuck Sheketoff There’s Oregon precedent for a big minimum wage increase
Feb. 19, 2015 More highways! Fight climate change! (Wait a sec...)
Feb. 18, 2015 In the wake of Kitzhaber's resignation, thinking about investigative journalism
Feb. 18, 2015 Kari Chisholm Inauguration of Governor Kate Brown
Feb. 18, 2015 Kari Chisholm Clean Fuels Program passes Senate, despite Oregonian's Cylvia Hayes obsession
Feb. 17, 2015 Kari Chisholm Naming names: Wild speculation about the next Secretary of State
Feb. 16, 2015 Nicholas Caleb The Ghosts of Scandals Past
Feb. 16, 2015 Bill Bradbury: Kitzhaber resignation "a great loss for Oregon"

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