Yes, of course - Pass House Bill 4145 Democratically Run Oregon Senate

Albert Kaufman

Oregon needs better gun control and has the votes and public backing to move it forward. The time is now to get moving.

Yes, of course - Pass House Bill 4145 Democratically Run Oregon Senate

Thousands rally in Florida for increased gun control

From the WWeek: "The bill establishes a procedure for taking guns away from those convicted of stalking an intimate partner, and expands the state's authority to take guns away from abusers—not just spouses, but any person who has lived with or had a sexual relationship with the victim."

Senate Democrats Vote YES on House Bill 4145

Enough Dallying

I read this article in this week's WWeek and could not believe my eyes when I read:

"That's where it's probably headed again—to a Democratically controlled upper chamber where gun bills and other progressive legislation often die, even though Democrats outnumber Republicans in the Senate 17 to 13."


"Last year, lawmakers and lobbyists say, Courtney gave Republicans an effective veto over many bills, requiring any bill that came to the Senate floor have the support of at least one GOP senator."

What The What? Note to Senator Courtney - the tide is turning on gun control. When young people are planning on marching on Washington, DC to push the gun control debate along you know things are changing. Please sir, let's move on this legislation and anything else you're waiting for Republican support on in this session. The clock is ticking and you have the majority - stop holding up sensible legislation. Thank you.

Sounds like a vote is scheduled for Wednesday - contact your State Senator and let's get this passed.

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