Whom does Greg Walden represent?

Chuck Sheketoff

Whom, exactly, does U.S. Congressman Greg Walden represent?

Officially, of course, he represents all the people living in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District, a vast area encompassing Oregon east of the Cascades and southern Oregon. But it that is not the impression one gets when looking at the GOP health reform plan, which would result in deep cuts to Oregon’s Medicaid program, the Oregon Health Plan (OHP).

Rep. Walden is one of the architects the GOP plan. A congressional committee he chairs unveiled the plan a couple of weeks ago.

Not only would the GOP plan hit Oregon, by one measure, harder than all but one state, Walden’s district would suffer the most out of Oregon’s five congressional districts.

How would the GOP plan affect Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District? In House GOP Health Plan Threatens Nearly One Million Oregonians Relying on the Oregon Health Plan the Oregon Center for Public Policy explained:

There’s no question that the GOP plan would harm Oregon, and especially Walden’s 2nd Congressional District. Which is why it bears repeating: Whom does Greg Walden represent?

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