The US Senate failed us. Let's make sure the Oregon Senate doesn't.

Carla Axtman

Yesterday, the United States Senate utterly failed the American people. Their inability to pass even watered-down, bipartisan legislation that 90% of Americans agree with (some of which the National Rifle Association had also agreed to) is simply unconscionable.

This morning, the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee sent four, common-sense gun safety bills to the Senate floor. Soon the full Oregon Senate will vote on these bills.

Thousands of Oregonians have already signed, but more are needed. Legislators must see that the progressive majority in this state want common sense gun safety laws. Please SIGN THE PETITION NOW!

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To the Oregon Legislature:

To prevent mass shootings, save lives, and curb gun violence, it's time to expand Oregon's common-sense gun safety laws this year. Please act without delay.


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