Demand that Oregon Republicans end the hostage standoff

Carla Axtman

In the battle over the state budget, Oregon Senate Republicans are taking hostages. And they happen to be among the most vulnerable of our citizens.

Join NOW with Blue Oregon Action to demand that Oregon Republicans stop playing games with the state budget.

In May, the Oregon House overwhelmingly passed the health provider tax. This tax yields the Oregon budget twice as much in federal dollars as the providers pay and is crucial for balancing the state budget. Republicans have decided to hold this legislation hostage, putting billions of needed dollars for elderly and the most sick Oregonians at risk.

Let the Republicans know that it’s unacceptable to take the sick and vulnerable hostage to their agenda. Sign the petition now.

To Oregon's Senate Republicans:

Oregon needs leadership, not obstruction. Oregon needs serious commitment to health care for our most vulnerable, not silly political games. Even the hospitals and health providers want you to pass the health provider tax. Stop using health care as a bargaining chip and get the job done.

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