It's time for the Oregon Legislature to pass common sense gun safety legislation

Carla Axtman

After the shooting at Clackamas Town Center and the massacre at Sandy Hook, it's become obvious that we must have common sense gun safety laws in our state.

The NRA has worked very hard to make sure that they're controlling the conversation in Salem.

Now it's time for the legislature to hear from you -- Oregon's progressive majority.

To that end, we've created a petition here at BlueOregon that we'll be delivering to the legislature.

Legislators need to see that thousands of us around the state demand that action be taken by them to help ensure that these mass shootings become a thing of the past.

Please sign this petition and speak up NOW.

To the Oregon Legislature:

To prevent mass shootings, save lives, and curb gun violence, it's time to expand Oregon's common-sense gun safety laws this year. Please act without delay.


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Want more details? Here are the bills under consideration by the legislature:

Senate Bill 347: Establishes a statewide policy prohibiting carrying a gun into a K-12 building. Local districts can opt out if they choose.

Senate Bill 699: Requires Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holders to carry their weapons concealed while in public buildings.

Senate Bill 700: Requires criminal background checks before guns can be transferred between private parties. Transfers between family members are generally exempted.

Senate Bill 796: Requires CHL applicants to complete ‘live fire’ training as part of the gun safety program. It works similar to a driver's license, requiring an individual to demonstrate their proficiency prior to the state granting the concealed carry.

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