Carla Axtman

The IFC channel already has Portlandia. Maybe we should get TLC channel to create "Clackistan". The show would be centered around a county government in which the elected officials and employees do all sorts of whacky, corrupt stuff at taxpayer expense.

Where in the world could we find such a place, where the government has been allowed to become such a comedy of errors? Hmm...I know! Clackamas County. Cue the laugh track.

In today's episode, Clackamas County Counsel Stephen Madkour has filed an Oregon State Bar complaint against a lawyer he fired. That fired lawyer, Scot Sideras, has allegedly colluded with the new County Chair John Ludlow to get rid County Administrator Steve Wheeler (who recently resigned). With Wheeler conveniently out of the way, a shiny new job has been freed up for Sideras! What a convenient coincidence!

Ludlow has been in office all of 3 months and the hits are coming already.

Who else would star in this sure-to-be-a-hit TV series? Mostly certainly Sherry Hall, who has taken incompetence in office to a whole new level--complete with a US Justice Department investigation into ballot tampering in her office.

Roll credits.

Produced and Directed by Andrew Miller.

I'm sure they could fit this in between Say Yes To The Dress and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

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