Oregonians deserve to know

Carla Axtman

Arsenic. Cadmium. Mercury. Bisphenol A. Formaldehyde.

These are just some of the potentially toxic chemicals in products intended for use by children. Chemical and toy companies don’t want you to know about it.

Sign the petition to support SB 1569, requiring manufacturers to disclose products that contain these chemicals.

Right now in Oregon, manufacturers aren’t required to tell us about potentially toxic chemicals that are in products intended for children. There’s a heated battle in the legislature and chemical company lobbyists are working hard to convince legislators that it’s simply too big a burden to tell us what’s in these products.

Sign the petition NOW to demand that the legislature pass SB 1569 to help protect our kids from harmful chemicals.

Oregonians deserve to have ALL of the information when it comes to chemicals in products, especially those used by children. Claims by chemical and toy manufacturers that it’s just too big a burden are ridiculous. Washington State already has a very similar law. Our kids deserve the same protections.

Tell the Oregon Legislature to pass SB 1569.Sign the petition and let’s not allow big, out-of-state lobbyists to win the day.

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