You pay taxes. Corporations should pay them too.

Carla Axtman

In tax year 2011, at least 24 profitable corporations paid no Oregon income taxes. Of those 24 corporations paying nothing, eight had Oregon profits of more than $5 million. Many more profitable corporations paid less than the corporate minimum by using the Con-way Loophole.

What is the Con-Way Loophole? Faced with a $75,000 corporate minimum tax on $79 million in Oregon sales, trucking giant Con-way, Inc. got the Oregon Supreme Court to create a loophole allowing corporations to avoid even the most minimal contribution toward the common good.

Zero. Nada. Zip.

Sign the petition asking the Oregon legislature to “close the Con-way Loophole”. You pay taxes. So should they.

Despite reaping millions profits in our state, some corporations pay nothing in Oregon income taxes. And they pay nothing despite the fact that Oregon voters approved a corporate minimum income tax. That means that middle class families are paying more income taxes that some very large, very profitable corporations.

Sign the petition asking the Oregon legislature to “close the Con-way Loophole”. that allows corporations to avoid Oregon’s corporate minimum tax.

As Oregon children sit in overcrowded classrooms and college students confront rising tuition and fees, some corporations with millions in profits and sales collected in Oregon pay not a cent in the way of income taxes. That’s wrong.

Sign the petition telling lawmakers to “close the Con-way Loophole" so that so that all corporations must contribute something in income taxes to support the common good.

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