Don't let the NRA have this one

Carla Axtman

Despite overwhelming support from Oregonians, the 2013 Legislative Session failed to yield any common sense gun safety laws. But the legislature will have another chance next month to pass universal background checks for our state: let’s make it happen together.

Sign the petition NOW to demand that the Oregon Legislature pass universal background checks for gun sales.

The NRA and the Oregon Firearms Federation (a self-labeled "no compromise gun lobby") has worked very hard to make sure that they're controlling the conversation in Salem and elsewhere. Every time we have a gun-related post at BlueOregon, pro-gun forces swarm the comments. If they're doing that at a progressive blog, imagine how well-organized and vocal they are at the Capitol.

That’s where you come in: sign the petition and tell our legislators that if they pass universal background checks, you’ll have their backs.

This Friday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold their first work session on closing the background check loophole. Our legislators need to see that thousands of us around the state demand that they take action to pass this common sense gun safety legislation for our state. Right now, any person, even a person with a history of violent behavior, can walk into a garage sale in Oregon and buy a gun without a background check. That’s just nonsense.

Sign the petition today and demand that the legislature pass universal background checks for private gun sales in Oregon.

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