Tell the FCC: Pull Clear Channel's license for KPOJ

Carla Axtman

Just over a year ago, Clear Channel killed the only commercial progressive talk radio station in Portland when they switched KPOJ to sports. There's nothing wrong with sports, but Portland -- a political and progressive town -- already had two sports radio stations. Clear Channel has a legal obligation to operate the airwaves in the public interest, with balanced news and informational programming. Moreover, they've kept KEX alive, as the home of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

More than a year after killing KPOJ's progressive talk, Clear Channel shows no sign of bringing back progressive talk -- failing their public interest obligation for balanced news and information.

Sign the petition NOW to tell the Federal Communications Commission not renew Clear Channel's license for KPOJ.

Clear Channel must air programming that is responsive to the needs and problems of its local community. That's us. We're the community. Clear Channel has a legal obligation to fulfill this role. It's on us to force them to do it.

Sign the petition NOW to ask the FCC to deny Clear Channel's license renewal for KPOJ.

Portland is one of the most progressive cities nestled inside of one of the most progressive states in the union. Yet Clear Channel saw fit to end this strong progressive voice from our publicly owned airwaves. It's time to stand up to this corporate behemoth and demand that they keep their obligation to the public if they want the right to broadcast in our area.

Please sign the petition and forward it to your friends. Let's tell the FCC that we demand better for our community.

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