Greg Walden: Not exactly a superhero.

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As everyone knows, Oregon is a place crawling with superheroes.

There was that time that Congressman Earl Blumenauer intervened when a kid assaulted a light-rail passenger and wound up chasing him down the street until the cops showed.

And the time that Sam Adams -- then a caped crusader, er City Commissioner -- was roaming the streets at night and came across someone lying in the street needing assistance.

Or the time that former all-state linebacker and campaign manager Andy Darkins saw a purse-snatching through the Greg Matthews campaign office window -- and chased down the perp in his bare feet.

And of course, Governor John Kitzhaber is his own category of superhero -- who has, at least twice, leaped into action to provide medical assistance to someone in need.

Which makes Congressman Greg Walden so sad by comparison. Check out this video from his Democratic challenger, Aelea Christofferson:


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