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When Clear Channel killed progressive talk on KPOJ, our community was shocked, surprised, outraged, and motivated to action.

Big corporations control the TV and radio airwaves and it's really hard for nonprofits and startups to get on the air. Carl Wolfson and our friends at XRAY-FM are doing their best, but even they're having trouble getting the kind of broadcast reach that KPOJ used to have.

Now imagine if that were to happen to the internet.

Right now, anybody can start a website. Anybody can create a blog or a small business and start trying to find an audience. Here at BlueOregon, we did exactly that ten years ago.

But the FCC is considering rules that would change everything. The FCC could allow the telecoms -- Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner -- to make "fast lanes" at a premium price. And where there's a fast lane, there's always a slow lane.

Just imagine if activists and advocates had to rely on fuzzy video and slow-loading blogs, while big corporations could deliver sharp, high-quality video and fast-loading content.

That's not good for the internet. That's not good for democracy.

BlueOregon Action is standing with Senator Ron Wyden, Congressman Peter DeFazio, and Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici -- along with allies around the Pacific Northwest -- and saying NO. No fast lanes. No slow lanes.

We need net neutrality. We need a fair and open internet.

Sign the petition -- and let's make sure the FCC hears us loud and clear.

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