National Corndog Day!

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Corndog_1That's right, folks, the day you've been waiting all year for. Today is National Corn Dog Day.

Founded a few years ago by a wacky bunch of Oregon college students, National Corn Dog Day celebrates, well, corn dogs. And college basketball.


For those of you who may be first timers at this grand event, let us describe it as the happiest day of basketball and meats on sticks that you'll ever have. National Corndog Day coincides with the Saturday of the final 32 teams in NCAA basketball tournament (this year it’s March 19). This Saturday is the only day all year that one can watch a quadruple-header of college basketball games from start to finish without having to change the channel. Therefore, to celebrate the excitement of the college basketball tournament, and have fun with friends, we eat Corndogs! Lots of Corndogs...

Wondering how you're supposed to celebrate National Corn Dog Day? Here's your game plan:

It is of great honor on NCD to complete the perhaps not so aptly named, “triple-double.” If over the course of National Corndog Day, at an official NCD party, you consume 10 corndogs, 10 beers, and 10 "units" of tater tots (100 tots total) you have achieved the notorious “triple-double.” It is a feat that has been seldom accomplished. For those a little wary of being able to complete the "triple-double," completing a "double-double" (choose which two) is also still a respectable feat.

More guidelines here. If you do host your own Corndog Day celebration, you're asked to send stories and photos to the National Corn Dog Day blog.

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    Cool. Now can someone help me determine the proper menu for the Feast of the Exploding Whale on November 12?

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    It's just not normal to crave a corndog this early in the day. But, thanks to your post, Kari, now I am contemplating finding one on my way home from the office. lol. Just one, though - I cannot even fathom anyone attempting that triple-double. Eesh. A day honoring the cornbread-wrapped treat on a stick is, however, long overdue.

    And you gotta love the exploding whale. That story just never gets old - neither does the video. Well, it might for Paul Linnman, but.... not the rest of us. :-)

  • Chris (unverified)

    They're so good AND so nasty...

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    Mmmm, Morning Star Farms vegetarian corndogs...these and other things I can't get in England. Damn! Another food craving I can't satisfy!

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    And to think that I randomly ate a (veggie) corndog this weekend, for the first time in maybe ten months. Must have been that Blue Oregon-corn dog psychic connection, as I didn't read this post until this morning.

    In case you're wondering, yes, I also channel Wonkette.

  • Elizabeth Cage (unverified)

    Here in Australia they're called Dagwood Dogs -- and I reckon they could be celebrated this time of year here too as they are typically eaten at the various shows on around Easter. Shows are like American county/state fairs -- same sort of deal: farm people, animals, rides, etc. Sydney's Royal Easter Show opened last Friday on the grounds of the 2000 Olympics. Oh, and cotton candy is fairy floss -- ain't that great?

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