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OK, maybe not rules, but guidelines and suggestions. After all, there's still something magical about seeing your stuff mentioned in newsprint (nevermind the ink stains).

We're well aware that here at BlueOregon, those of you employed in "dead-tree journalism" (ok, we couldn't resist) like to cruise over here and see what's happening, troll for leads, and generally check out the yadda yadda. We're happy to oblige.

Portland TribuneAll we ask is that if you're gonna mention something you picked up here, give us a little credit. Four little words... "As seen on" or even the minimalist "See".

Two counter-posed examples to make the point:

First, yesterday's Portland Tribune. In the Sources Say column, you'll find much of the content found in this BlueOregon post from last week on Kulongoski as a potential presidential candidate.

Compare. Contrast. No mention of BlueOregon anywhere, even though we did the research and pulled the pull-quotes. We do like the idea, however, of asking the Governor for comment. Nice touch.

"Kulongoski," he told Sources Say, "is easier to spell than Schwarzenegger."

Willamette WeekSecond, today's Willamette Week. In the Murmurs column, there's a mention of the same stuff - with two little words added that make all the difference: "See" (Thanks, WW crew.)

See? Not too hard! Just two little words...

We link to you; you link to us. That's how the internet goes 'round. Fun, eh?

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    I look forward to the day that WW quotes something from our site.

    Well done!

  • Aaron (unverified)


    You know now that you are in the big leagues when “a petty rag” uses your material for filler.

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    Oh now now... I enjoy both the Trib and the WW. In particular, WW's political and investigative coverage is good stuff (wish there was more) and the Trib's local news is good...

    Let's not go calling 'em names.... :)

  • the prof (unverified)

    Kari, I thought the most recent editorial against "clean money" in the Big O sounded suspiciously like comments that I've made here. I mean, their editorial, especially this quote: "This is a solution in search of a problem" (found here:

    sounds an awful lot like "I don't know what problem this is supposed to fix" which I wrote here:

    I guess influencing is next best to being cited, eh?

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    Yeah, well there's certainly a difference between material that influences people - and folks just grabbing the research and running with it.

    I'm not under any illusion that folks should mention BlueOregon anytime that there's coverage of an issue that we've also covered. That would be silly.

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    Kari, I made it a point to "plug" BlueOregon on the cable show last night, so I'm sure that has increased traffic tremendously at the blog since its airing. :)

    I realize that the sphere of influence is not very wide on cable access as it is not here on the blog. That is a challenge we all seem to face, geting a message out to a seemingly disinterested public, through the filter of corporate interests and government sanctioned misinformation and propaganda.

    I think the cacophony of progressive voices can make an eventual difference. The problem has been the lack of major conduits for general use. That combined with the monopolization of media is why duds like Lars get national exposure and studs like blueoregon have to rely on the good will of newspaper writers to give them a plug. Fair and balanced.. you decide.


  • Jud (unverified)

    prof, That was sarcasm, right?

    Google: Results 1 - 10 of about 10,400 English pages for "solution looking for a problem". (0.45 seconds)


    Results 1 - 10 of about 21,400 for "solution in search of a problem". (0.29 seconds) 

  • the prof (unverified)

    Jud, No not really. I know you can find that phrase a lot, but used specifically with respect to that proposal? The oped drew heavily on discussions made here. I think it's great. But in the O's case, I wonder if it's a case of laziness.

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    Before all the lurking journalists go crazy... I just want to be clear - we're well aware that here at BlueOregon we're putting ideas in the water, and sometimes those get picked up. No problem.

    I'm more concerned about whole ideas and original research that gets picked up without attribution...

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    But in the O's case, I wonder if it's a case of laziness.

    In Oregonian editorials?! Never!

  • Ted Piccolo (unverified)


    Great point (err... should i pay homage to you guys as i enter yer blog for the first time??...).

    It is too bad the Trib does not pick up on the blogs a lot more. They, of all the city publications need to try something new and cutting edge. They will ignore the bloggers at their own peril I'm afraid.

    Oregon has not felt the blog sting yet like Washington has (pssst... i have moved out of portland and am living in eastern washington now, back home on my reservation to be more precise).

    The Republican bloggers (dare i say) have really been driving the press in Seattle over silly things like dead people voting. Just wait till you guys down there dig up some stuff and latch on...

    Make sure you let me know so I can watch the press be led around (even if it is by a bunch of crazy lefties like you guys... ok ok... that was supposed to be an endearing remark... if offend anyone by it then i apologize).

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    It is too bad the Trib does not pick up on the blogs a lot more. They, of all the city publications need to try something new and cutting edge. They will ignore the bloggers at their own peril I'm afraid.

    What the Tribune needs to do is pay attention to what's going on in Greensboro, North Carolina, at the News and Record.

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