Punditology 2016: Which political nerd will reign supreme?

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You're smart. You're political. When people whisper, "that's what THEY say," you're the one they're talking about.

With just a few days left in this election, it's time for the 2016 edition of the Punditology Challenge

Will Brad Avakian or Dennis Richardson run our elections? What about Measure 97? Could an independent be our next state treasurer? Will the Democrats retain their control on the Oregon House and Senate -- and win the U.S. House and Senate? Can you beat Nate Silver in his electoral college predictions? ...and the big one: Could we be singing Hail to the Chief to the great orange menace?

Correctly predict the the election results and we'll make you famous. There's no money in it, but if your crystal ball is the finest of them all - we'll bow down before your greatness and proclaim it to the world. (But don't worry. Unless you're among the top punditologists, we won't tell anyone you participated. Got a broken crystal ball? Your secret is safe with us.)

The deadline for your picks is Monday at 5 p.m. So make your picks now, before it's too late!

Good luck!

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