Wheeler scores an endorsement trifecta

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Wheeler scores an endorsement trifecta

This happened last week, but I'm still stunned. Ted Wheeler managed to land the endorsements of the past three Mayors of Portland -- Vera Katz, Tom Potter, and Sam Adams.

Frankly, anybody who can get Tom Potter and Sam Adams on the same side is doing something right. There was no love lost between those two.

While Adams still has plenty of fans, and Potter's Deaniac core is still out there (though likely Feeling the Bern these days), it's Katz that probably brings the biggest heft to Wheeler's campaign. After all, not only did she serve longer than Potter, Adams, and Hales combined so far, but her endorsement reflects a change-of-heart.

In 2012, she endorsed Hales, saying "Charlie's the one. Period". Looks like Hales has managed to disappoint, as she's just as blunt this time around: "Portland needs new leadership. Portland needs Ted Wheeler."

Hales responded with snark, telling the Oregonian, "When you take office and have to make some big changes, it can certainly ruffle some feathers – especially with the people you have followed." No word on what those big changes might be.

Personally, I'm dying to find out who the Mayor of Portlandia -- Kyle MacLachlan -- is planning to endorse.

Meanwhile, the completely unofficial straw poll of activists at the DPO Summit was a landslide for Wheeler, with 110 votes to just 20 votes for Hales. See the full ballot count here.

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