Merkley for Vice President?

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Robert Borosage, of the Campaign for America's Future, makes the case for Senator Jeff Merkley for Vice President:

Merkley offers real value. He’s the sole senator who endorsed Bernie Sanders in the primaries, an act of remarkable courage. Putting him on the ticket would pay tribute to the millions of voters who backed the Sanders surge. His presence would excite the young and independent voters that were at the heart of the Sanders vote. It would reassure skeptical labor activists. He would add credibility on trade, on investment, on Wall Street reform, on money and politics and on climate, all areas where doubts linger about Clinton’s commitment. He more than anyone other than Sanders himself can make the case about why the movement that Sanders helped to build needs to mobilize to rout Donald Trump in the fall. ...

He’s a progressive reformer with the courage of his convictions. He has already demonstrated his maturity in helping build a bridge between the Sanders and Clinton campaigns, even while pushing hard to have the Democratic platform express the commitment to progressive populist principles from campaign finance reform to a new trade policy.

Oregon has a Democratic governor and a requirement to hold a special election as soon as practicable. Merkley’s appointment would not risk a Senate seat.

OPB's Jeff Mapes picks up the story, noting that Merkley "has deflected questions about joining the presidential ticket by saying he sees other more likely candidates, such as Warren."

What do you think? Would it be a good idea for Hillary Clinton to put Merkley on the ticket? Do you think she will?

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