Charlie Hales drops out of Mayor's race

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Boom. Mayor Charlie Hales has announced that he's abandoning his bid for Mayor of Portland.

That makes him the third mayor in a row to serve a single term and decline to run for re-election. (After Mayor Vera Katz served three terms herself.)

The news comes just a dozen days after State Treasurer Ted Wheeler announced that he had won the endorsements of the three previous mayors: Katz, Tom Potter, and Sam Adams.

Hales clearly made a political calculation that his campaign was in big trouble and Wheeler was on track to win the campaign. Putting a brave face on it, Hales told the Oregonian:

"This isn't a political calculation that I'm in big trouble. I think the race is wide open, and I think I would win if I poured myself into campaigning."

This puts Wheeler on a fast track to City Hall -- though it's entirely possible that Hales's departure will encourage other serious candidates to get in the race. Stay tuned!

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