Will Republicans leave the GOP over Trump? Here's one:

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And now the movement to Dump Trump has come to Oregon. And not just Trump -- but the entire Republican Party.

It seems that Jim Huffman, the 2010 GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate (against Sen. Ron Wyden), is calling on his fellow Republicans to leave the Grand Old Party because of Donald Trump.

Huffman writes in the Daily Caller:

A growing number of Republicans are declaring that they will not vote for their party’s nominee Donald Trump. They and other Republicans should take one more step – they should abandon the Republican Party, at least until it once again warrants their support. That is what I have done, six years after being the Republican nominee for United States senator from Oregon.

... So I will vote for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, distant long shots to be sure, but at least my conscience will be clear.

Who's next? Pass the popcorn!

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