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Oregon made history in 1955 by becoming the first state in the nation with an Equal Pay law on the books -- eight years before Congress acted.

Equal pay for equal work. It just makes sense, right? Two people doing the same job should be paid the same. Yet, we've had a heck of a time making it a reality.

To this day, women in Oregon make just 82 cents for every dollar a men make. It's time to add some teeth to our equal pay laws.

Sign the Petition: tell Congress it's time to make equal pay for equal work a reality!

It's a matter of basic fairness, but it's more than that. I don't know a lot of young families these days that can make it on a man's salary alone. Women are breadwinners, and when a woman doesn't earn what she deserves it's tougher for the whole family to get by and get ahead.

Today is Equal Pay Day. Add your name right now and demand Congress take action!

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