At the Portland Public Schools, arms are open to Muslim students and families

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It's sad that we've come to a place in America where this even has to be said, but big props to Portland Public Schools superintendent Carole Smith for this open letter:

Supporting our Muslim students and families
Dec. 14, 2015

Dear Portland Public Schools Community:

Over the last several weeks, there have been a number of horrific acts of terrorism across the world.

As our country has debated how to respond to these attacks, there have been some rhetoric that violates the policies and values of Portland Public Schools – particularly statements that seek to associate Muslims with the acts of terrorists and to isolate or restrict communities based on religious beliefs.

At PPS, we welcome and celebrate the diversity – in all forms – that makes our schools rich and strong. We are responsible for educating all students, and we know students and their families must feel safe and supported at school if they are to be successful.

PPS has strong policies against violence, bullying and harassment. We will not tolerate any harassment or bullying of students, particularly that is based on a student’s race, religion or ethnicity. We urge our students, staff and families to immediately report any concerns they have about safety or the treatment of others.

The adults in our community are role models for students and must meet the high standards we hold for our students. Our students have inspired us by modeling anti-bullying behavior that celebrates kindness.

In these difficult times, our greatest strength is in coming together as a community. I am proud to be part of Portland Public Schools as we welcome, support and include all of our students, staff and families in building a strong future.

Carole Smith

Hat tip to Caitlin Baggot for sharing the text.

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