Four reasons to vote for Brad Avakian

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If you're still hanging on to your ballot, let me share with you my closing argument for Brad Avakian for Secretary of State.

1) There are too many big-egos and jerks and self-interested know-it-alls in politics. Brad Avakian is one of the most decent guys I know, and his only reason for doing this is to serve the public the best way he knows how.

2) When it comes to running elections, we need someone who wants everyone involved and for whom fairness is a fundamental value. That's Brad (and not his opponent.)

3) The Secretary of State serves on the State Land Board and the State Board of Education. Brad wants to use those platforms to fight climate change and expand civic education. Don't listen to anyone who tells you that's not part of the job. It is, and it should be.

4) The Secretary of State will succeed the Governor, should she leave mid-term. Nobody wants that to happen, but god forbid Dennis Richardson should become our Governor. Oregonians rightly rejected him and his values two years ago. We should do so again.

For all for of those reasons, I'm proudly, enthusiastically, and unabashedly with Brad.

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