Feedback Request: Oregon Progressive Resource Center

Jon Perr

The following is an admittedly self-serving request of the BlueOregon community.

Over at Perrspectives, I've recently expanded the Resources section to include a library of Oregon Progressive Resources.  These resources include links to Democratic Party sites, an array of progressive groups, key state of Oregon offices and a host of newspaper, radio, television and other media outlets.  The page also offers links to an admittedly small list of Oregon blogs, election data, and Oregon economic and demographic data.  Unions and environmental groups are also listed, as well as some business groups and associations.

Hopefully, the Oregon Resources are helpful.  Any comments, concerns and criticisms concerning omissions, errors and other affronts would be greatly appreciated.  Please comment below or send your feedback via the Perrspectives feedback form.

Thanks for considering the request!

  • Trey Smith (unverified)

    Jon, The site looks pretty good. My one suggestion is that you expand the "Oregon Newspaper & Print Resources" section. It's too Willamette Valley focused. If not for the Medford & Bend papers, there would be no listing for southern or eastern Oregon. As it is, there are no listings whatsoever for coastal Oregon. You know, the coast has 2 dailies, Coos Bay (The World) and Astoria (The Daily Astorian). There are also several dailies in eastern Oregon.

  • Jon (unverified)


    You're absolutely right. The Oregon Resources page has been updated with an expanded newspapers sections, links to County Democratic Party sites, and new blogs.

    Thanks, Jon

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