Recall, Reframe, and Reform: Our Republic Needs You!

Paul Evans

Politics has always been witness to the rise and fall of megalomania, but until 2013 it was understood that the body politic would punish those that put the security of our nation at perpetual risk. That may now be an open question.

The past three weeks demonstrates in stark, undeniable terms, the need for significant restructuring of our political landscape.

Few moments in US History have yielded so much insight about so few with the power over so many; few moments in history have the many been so dependent upon the arbitrary and capricious nature of the one.

Our nation may or may not avoid this latest attempt at default. However, the last damage of prolonged insecurity with regards to our financial systems will be permanently weakened as a result of the sustained gamesmanship forced upon us by Senator Ted Cruz.

“Tail-gunner Ted” Cruz, Rand Paul, and the self-identified “Tea Party” Caucus within the Republican Conference of the US House of Representatives put our nation upon a collision course for ideological and personal political advantage.

Politics has always been witness to the rise and fall of megalomania, but until 2013 it was understood that the body politic would punish those that put the security of our nation at perpetual risk. That may now be an open question.

Ted Cruz and the men and women following in lock-step are a clear and present danger to the security of our nation, state, and communities. Worse than McCarthy – worse even than the Kingfish – these crusaders cannot be satisfied with anything less than destruction of the village for its purification because they have no attachment to (or investment in) it's survival.

As a communications professor that has spent considerable time reviewing the language of propaganda and the tools of control used throughout history I must confess deep concern about our present circumstances.

Ideology, technology, and wealth concentration have now generated a new kind of threat to our America. The elites are able to manipulate a small but highly motivated minority of the masses to pursue unsustainable ends – in pseudo-religious fervor – without concern for the impact upon the nation-state itself.

It is revolution in everything but name. It is rebellion against the US Government through use of the structures and systems of the government against itself. It is a new form of terrorism that is not much different than the kind that used civilian aircraft as mobile weapons of mass destruction against us on 9/11.

And let us be clear: partisan differences are not terrorism – differences should be celebrated within our political system and throughout the global public websquare. Both major parties (and many minor parties) have a proud legacy of making our Union more perfect. But there are a few that have determined to use the powers of government against our people; such actions are revolutionary.

I believe the actions undertaken by Cruz and his Disciples to be Treason – actions meeting the legal definition of the crimes under federal law as well as the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) that should apply to the men and women responsible for declaring (if not making) our wars.

Whatever the legality of this particular charge, the lasting impact of Cruz is undeniably harmful to the full faith and credit of the US Government, the several states, and as such – a willful attempt to betrayal of both the language and spirit of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Members of Congress shall not serve that have taken part in insurrection or rebellion against the US Government.

Members of Congress are responsible for securing payment for all obligations made in the name of the US Government.

The existing shutdown of the US Government as well as the impending default of our credit and its concurrent impact upon our national security is an act in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment and worth of impeachment, trial, and/or recall from office.

This past summer the citizens of Colorado recalled several members of the Legislature. Throughout the US public officials serving in local, regional, and state office risk recall from office whenever a severe breach of trust can be demonstrated.

It is time we call upon all Americans to step in and take swift action to recall those members of Congress that are now in rebellion against the full faith and credit of our country; it is time to recall all members that seek to make our nation unsecure through the willful manipulation of our governance structures and systems for personal gain.

Initiating recall actions would serve at least three purposes:

1) The process itself would refocus attention of the insurrectionists; 2) The potential recall would provide the GOP an opportunity to reprioritize mainstream governance; and 3) The recall imagery would provide the President and the Congressional Leadership with necessary leverage to implement medium to longer term solutions for the shutdown as well as the debt ceiling.

Recall campaigns transform the political landscape. The actual process of recalling a member of Congress may likely vary from state to state. This may inspire an acceleration of media frenzy that serves the larger cause.

“Winning” is often less important than the shift in attention and energy incumbent to a candidate’s campaign for survival. Recall campaigns often draw a unique mix of self-selected voters that may or may not align with Gerrymandered districts.

After we initiate targeted recalls in the Tea Party districts we must reframe the value of compromise within a Republic. Recall must not be the only step taken. We must transform the substance of our political conversations.

Sadly, we have all allowed extremists within our communities to yield disproportionate power through a sustained war upon the language of democratic governance.

In peace, collaboration is not the enemy. Collaboration inspires shared investment in shared vision.

In peace, compromise is not the enemy. Compromise compels advocates to know positions through alternative perspectives and often facilitates improved outcomes.

In peace, cooperation is not the enemy. In a democracy we are dependent upon each other, especially during those times we wished we were not.

And in peace, resolution of conflict is achieved through open dialogue, respectful consideration of possible alternatives, and shared investment in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. Peace is not merely the absence of war, or is it best spent preparing for war – peace is the critical habitat for human empowerment.

Our America is the oldest democratic Republic thus far attempted. Perhaps it is time for us to act like it.

We have tolerated war rhetoric within our politics for too long. Not surprisingly, Ted Cruz and his zealous disciples are now making actual war upon our financial security. It is a tragic albeit predictable devolution of our political dysfunction.

Recall must come first. Reframing must be purposeful and sure. And we must follow these initial steps with reform.

We must amend the US Constitution in at least the following ways:

1) Establish that money and speech shall be fundamentally different within our Republic; 2) Establish that Congressional Reapportionment shall not yield districts that favor an identified political faction or party more than 3% unless there is an absolute necessity; 3) Establish that Corporations are not and shall not become legal Citizens or Persons with similar rights to Persons; 4) Establish that failure of Congress to secure the debt and function of the US Government shall be a criminal act subject to the federal code; and 5) Establish that members of Congress shall be subject to the laws of the men and women within the organizations subject to oversight.

The time for all good citizens regardless of party or perspective has come. Now is the time to come to aid of our America.

Listen to the language demonstrated throughout the spectrum on a daily and hourly basis and consider for yourselves how sustainment of such rhetoric can contribute to anything but the perpetual dysfunction of our Republic.

Despite the “Beltway Techno-theocracy" and 24/7-hour spin that seeks to convince us of our powerlessness, we are not powerless. Far from it. We the People of the United States of America ordained the Constitution – and it is our responsibility to pass it to our posterity in better, stronger condition than we were given.




Cruz and his disciples wanted a crusade. Let us endeavor to answer this call with a rational, reasoned solution to the problems that face our nation, state, and communities.

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