Democrats Gather in Jacksonville

Paulie Brading

The sun was setting when nearly 100 Jackson County Democrats gathered at one of the many fine wineries in Southern Oregon. We sat at round tables under trees with our wine and hors d' oeuvre's. We table hopped, caught up with one another, and waited for the Senator Bates and Representative Buckley team to chat with us.

We are fortunate to have two legislators from Southern Oregon in leadership positions in the Oregon House and Senate. Not only are they very hard workers for the interests of citizens in Oregon they both display an intense seriousness about their efforts delivered with splashes of humor. We heard about long nights in meetings and celebrated with them serious accomplishments in early childhood, health care, education and economic development. We listened to the two of them map out the next steps for the February legislative session.

The Jackson County Democrats pulled off an event in the August doldrums. There was no despondency in this crowd! It was more a night of preparation for 2012. President Obama will be reelected in Oregon. Senator's Wyden and Merkley are doing just fine. Senator Bates and Buckley's report from the trenches was reasoned and optomistic. We shook the dust off our wings! We're ready to fly again.

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