It's Senator Jeff Merkley Calling

Paulie Brading

Volunteers at last night's GOTV phonebank for candidate Lynn Howe were revved up! Senator Jeff Merkley worked the phones along with Howe's seemingly endless number of volunteers. Merkley, former Speaker of the Oregon House knows better than anyone how important it is for Medford HD 6 to have the smart lady Lynn Howe, with a mind and a will to address tough economic issues elected in Medford.

R-Esquivel, a three term incumbent is currently tangled in the reality of his inability to pay some of his property taxes since 2007.

Medford voters remember his 2010 vote against allowing the Department of Justice to prosecute unscrupulous lenders under the Unlawful Trade Practices Act (HB 3706). Senator Merkley, a champion of protecting consumers must have raised an eyebrow back in Washington DC. In public forums during this campaign Esquivel blamed the the people who signed loan agreements totally ignoring the hand banks and mortgage companies have played in our current economic meltdown.

Medford voters don't need a yardstick to measure Esquivel's lack of foresight and inadequate preparation for his floor votes. He is known for his failure to elcit information and opinions from all sides. His rush to right-wing positions have particularly frustrated those of us on school boards who know funding K-12 education to prevent devastating cuts to instructional hours need his yes vote. His record on public education speaks to his lack of value for educatiing Oregon's future workforce.

So thank you Senator Merkley for spending your evening in Medford on behalf of candidate Lynn Howe. I am so proud to have you as my Senator. Your unselfish donation of a chunk of your valuable time will long be remembered and appreciated.

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    I wonder what the comparative early voting looks like by party registration.

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    People need to take responsibility for the agreements they sign Paulie. It's called "having integrity". Every bad thing that people do to themselves isn't always someone else's fault.

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      Sure, Roger. So if you can scam 'em, it's their own dumb fault. Nice world view you've got there. Glad it's not mine, or that of most Oregonians.

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    IF Merkeley wanted to really do a service to the people of Oregon he would divorce his voting decisions from whats best for "big labor" and start doing what's best for Oregon and Oregonians He could start with his athetic anti oregon worker votes on the illegal alien problem in this state.

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      I love your double-speak. Supporting those who stand up for working men and women (why do you think they call it the "labor movement"?) is "anti-worker."

      And Arbeit Macht Frei, eh?

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