Universally disgusted with debt ceiling insanity

Paulie Brading

Have U.S. politics become dysfunctional? When did the word compromise become a bad word? Several letters to the editor appeared in today's Medford Mail Tribune, one supporting not raising the debt ceiling and six blasting the GOP for the debt-ceiling insanity.

Let's get real. This debt limit farce is really about the 2012 presidential election. I read somewhere that the debt ceiling has been raised 89 times and George W. Bush increased the debt ceiling 7 times. This Washington theatre deserves no audience and apparently some folks in Southern Oregon have had enough.

From todays LTE's:

"Here we go again. This time the tea party reactionaries are using the debt ceiling to push their agenda. These are toxic times when a minority of newly elected Republicans in the House propose draconian measures to cut spending without any accountability of how that will effect the economy."

"For me, I support President Obama because he is a reasonable, mature, practical leader who thinks big and wants to cobble together pieces of the puzzle that will reduce debt without serious or irreparable harm to the people of this country. I'll take that over tunnel vision of the tea party folks anyday."

Here's another:

"Guess what? Great news. The "Republicans" are finally helping Americans. No. Really. Forget about the dismantling of the middle class, taking our hard earned benefits and old age pensions, insurance corporations preventing affordable health care, enriching defense contractors and making the environment unlivable for generations. They are going to make our world safe for: light bulb choice. That's right. Now we can relax. A bill they are sponsoring will prevent us from having to use energy-saving light bulbs. We will have the freedom to make power companies wealthier by choosing to waste energy. Free at last!"

And last but not least:

"It is time for Republican officeholders to stop worrying about the drivel being spewed by tea party ignoramuses and protect the integrity of their party lest it be captured by those same ignoramuses. If that clamity should occur, the Republican Party would cease to be a responsible enity capable of offering rational, qualified candidates for public office."

Call it wishful thinking, but this political charade on the part of the Grand Old Party seems to be backfiring.

Your take?

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    I agree. R's are putting ideology over pragmatic action. The only thing they've been transparent about is their mission to make Obama a one term president. Oh, and attacking the middle class. Not what's best for all Americans. And I am SO sick of them saying "the American people say this or that". They don't have a clue! One side note, GOP = Greed Over People

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    And they are hypocrits...

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    Electoral posturing isn't new, but I can't think of another time when a party intentionally sought to throw the economy under a bus. It's like their own Gotterdamerrung.

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    Kabuki theater and shadow boxing. Nationally the democrats held the white house and super majorities in both houses of congress from mid January 2009 to mid January 2011. They were supposed to present, and pass, a budget October 2010. Was it done?

    Now, the democrats wrestle with the far left caucus of their party and the republicans wrsetle with the tea caucus of their party. It is all smoke and mirrors. This is not a win-lose scenario as both major parties position themselves for 2012. This is about reducing both guns and butter to get a budget that was supposed to have been done 10 months ago.

    Perhaps this will eventually lead to a real third party.

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    Kurt, the debt ceiling isn't the budget.

    Paulie, the Republican Ultras are wagging the leadership dog, so that Boehner can't take yes for an answer, but the fact is that both President Obama and Harry Reid have capitulated to the essence of the Republican position and even if the Grand Oligarchical Party does get the "blame", the DP will have sold us out for narrow and quite temporary electoral advantage, which will be bad for both the country and the party in the long run.

    And it is by no means certain that the Rs will get the blame or that the clever-boots electoral advice Obama is following will prove correct.

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