I'm voting NO on fluoridating Portland's precious, clean, tasty water. Here's why

Albert Kaufman

Please vote no on 26-151

I'm voting NO on fluoridating Portland's precious, clean, tasty water. Here's why

March 4th Marching Band Marched Against Fluoridation on Alberta Street for Last Thursday

I don't want anyone putting things into my water, food or air

I'm a purist that way. I feel that if people want to add something to what they're ingesting, that's great - but it feels to me that the fluoridating of water is forcing me to put something down my throat that I don't want. I think why many of us feel so strongly about the issue, is that it reminds us of torture - being forced against your will to take something that you didn't ask for and don't want. That may seem like an extreme position/language, but for those of us fighting against this - that's how it feels. So, we may seem irrational, we may seem angry, we may not have every scientific fact lined up - but we're also not industry lobbyists, we're people - from all walks of life, of all ages, and we don't agree - and in this case, we should probably get a big say in whether or not this takes place. I've wished this vote could be postponed because so many Portlanders feel so strongly about it. Would it hurt us to have another year to discuss this, learn what makes sense and then vote on it? To most of us, this issue has felt rushed, and again, that's part of the torture - bringing something forward quickly without much time for us to digest such a big change.

It also seems to tie in closely with the GMO issue. And the CAFO issue - we're being forced to accept multinational corporations' views on what our food supply is. Perhaps this is a big part of why the urban farming movement is coming along so strong - most of us don't want to eat food with GMOs in it and we don't want to eat meat that's grown in an unsustainable manner. So, we grow our own - but of course, big picture, that really isn't enough of a pushback to force change - but we're working on it.

Let's work together toward a world where we take the best care of people that we can - that we encourage healthily living, fresh organic food, growing your own food; and move away from trucking everything towards us.

Along that lines - I don't want fluoride in the water that I grow my food from. Damn!

I don't want it in a boat, I don't want it with a goat; I don't want it in a box, with a fox, not in the rain not on a train - I don't want it here or there - I don't want it anywhere! Please join me in voting no on fluoridating Portland's water. Please help those who are working to keep GMO's out of our food. Take a strong stand against the further poisoning of our already highly damaged world. Thank you. Happy Earth Day.

Please vote no on 26-151

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