Congratulations Rep. Jules Bailey - OLCV People's Choice Award Winner

Albert Kaufman

From the Oregon League of Conservation Voters:

The people have spoken. The OLCV People’s Choice Award goes to… Rep. Jules Bailey!


Last month, OLCV released its Environmental Scorecard for the 2009 Oregon Legislature. The Scorecard includes votes on 21 key environmental bills and highlights six legislators for their outstanding work in 2009 to protect Oregon’s environmental legacy. OLCV’s first-ever People’s Choice Award lets you, the people, decide who your environmental champion is. So, you came. You read the Scorecard. You voted. Click here find out who made the top five. Thank you to everyone who voted! 

Representative Bailey has been holding informative "Java with Jules" events around his district every month. I have also appreciated his willingness to listen to new ideas and run with them and his staff has been incredibly friendly and responsive.  Congratulations, Jules - ya done good! 

  • Charlie Burr (unverified)

    Jules' work on energy efficiency has been outstanding. This award is well-deserved. Good going, Jules!

  • Gordie (unverified)

    In some ways, that scorecard is more a measure of some of those bills--though well intended--were badly written and needed to go back to the drawing board.

  • ha (unverified)

    This is great ...Jules only asked me to vote for him 5 times!

  • DQC (unverified)

    Good job Jules. You deserved this recognition!! Ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne!!

  • (Show?)

    Jules Bailey is a great representative!

  • Rep. Peter Buckley (unverified)

    Jules is fantastic, but none of us should tell him that. In fact, I think this blog entry should be removed immediately.

    He's got to stay hungry, you know?

    I'm counting on Oregon benefiting from Jules Bailey's passion, creativity and intelligence for many years to come.

  • Evan Manvel, OLCV (unverified)

    Gordie - which bills do you think should not have been scored? And if this were simply a partisan tool the transportation package would not have been scored.

  • Patrick Story (unverified)

    That's my rep!

    Good for you, Jules--

  • (Show?)

    Jules is a great choice! He is smart, energetic, creative, and cares deeply about Oregon and our future. The other finalists, ditto.

    <h2>Part of my optimism for Oregon's future comes from observing the work of the wonderful young Members of our legislature, including Jules.</h2>

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