Measure 92 - November 18th Deadline for Contested Ballots

Albert Kaufman

Please make sure your vote and your friends' votes have been counted!

Measure 92 - November 18th Deadline for Contested Ballots

From Rick North of the Yes on 92 Campaign:


Click (and share this link) to find out if you or someone you know has a contested ballot that can be corrected and counted. Voters who forgot to sign their envelope or whose signature doesn't match must go to their county office by Nov. 18th.

Measure 92 is still alive, and if the trends continue, it’s going to start kicking soon. Check out the number of votes we’ve been behind and the dates:

November 11: Down 6,634 November 12: Down 6,371 November 13: Down 5,182 November 14: Down 4,539

There are about 20,000 votes statewide either “challenged” or just not counted yet. Again, I won’t sugar-coat this. We still only have a slim chance of pulling ahead, but with each passing day, our odds keep getting better. And the possibility of triggering a recount, which is at around 2,900 votes or less, is very real.

The deadline for submitting challenged ballots is next Tuesday, Nov. 18. On that night, county elections officials will send their final vote totals to the state. The Secretary of State is expected to release the statewide totals then or Nov. 19.

That’s not a typo – we’re only down 4,539 votes. This is out of 1,486,373 votes cast, a razor-thin difference of 50.15% to 49.85%.

Four days left, and I don’t have a clue how this will turn out. What I do know is that the volunteers, donors and staff of Measure 92 are doing everything in their power to make this happen."

To keep up to date on this issue, please visit the Oregon Right to Know campaign website @

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