What effect is the Tea-Party trend of the Oregonian having on us?

Albert Kaufman

What effect is the Tea-Party trend of the Oregonian having on us?

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Each time I pick up the Oregonian I'm sadly reminded of its continuing slide to the right and beyond. From its editorials promoting more clear-cutting of our forests, to its attack on anything progressive such as voter-owned elections policy - the Oregonian continues to be a voice for capitalism at any cost. Today's issue was a perfect collection of their thinking - here comes Right to Work legislation; blaming Portland politicians for not having enough shovel-ready land parcels in the urban growth boundary to satisfy hungry companies who want to move here; and more attacks on Cover Oregon. I often wonder what effect this type of repeated attack has on our blue state.

I'm been a progressive Democrat all my life. I grew up learning about socialism and ended up living on a kibbutz after I graduated from high school. Then, college in Greenwich Village, and years traveling - all of this leading to a world outlook that's pretty green. It will be hard for the Oregonian to undermine my personal understanding of how the world works and my wish for improved lives for people. But I wonder what effect it has on those who have seen less of the world - my thought is that the Oregonian's stance makes people mean. The way it covers issues and constantly attacks what is good here (the environment, strong unions, the quirkiness of Portland, our strong bike culture) turns us more confused and mean towards one another.

By constantly posting mis-information on issues such as climate change, the Oregonian does us all a further disservice. It becomes a mouthpiece for the well-funded climate change deniers - thus, lying to us. And the lies haven't stopped for years. Though it's now accepted by just about everyone on the planet that the climate is warming and that we're in danger - instead of getting on board, the Oregonian continues to pepper us with doubt on the issue.

I'm not a sociologist, and I don't know what the effect of being repeatedly lied to is, but I imagine it is not a good thing. This seems to me the crux of the problem - and lying is getting more and more coverage lately as a problem in our world.

I am sure I'm not the only one who takes long breaks from reading the "daily" paper because of the constant attacking and lying. If you're one of these - or, if you think what the Oregonian is doing its job just right, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I dream of a day when the local media encourages us to be healthy instead of attacking our attempts at providing everyone with healthcare. A day when the editorial board of the paper leads us to be better people with great principles. I welcome the Oregonian editorial board to help make our world a better place rather than encouraging more clear-cutting, LNG export terminals, coal trains and using the planet's resources only to raise a buck. We can do a lot better - we all know it: Oregonian editorial board - look yourselves in the mirror - stop lying to us. Stop with the meanness - stop with the attacking - help us become better people and help Oregon become a better state!

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