Happy Gay Pride Weekend!

Albert Kaufman

Wishing all of my friends and loved ones a happy, pride-filled weekend!

Happy Gay Pride Weekend!

Wishing all of my friends and loved ones a happy, pride-filled weekend! I'm especially proud of my good friend, John Brennan, who recently made the news for standing up for his rights. Here's a link to his legal fund :)

Also exciting is the new local magazine, PQ Monthly, which is filled with some of the best writing I've seen in an Oregon publication ever! Check it out!

Here's to a future where we're all included - where anyone can marry anyone and that we can work together to continue to heal this planet.


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    Thanks for the post Albert!

    I too wish all my friends and loved ones a happy Pride weekend as well.

    John Brennan's "standing up for his rights" had nothing to do with gay rights or any rights at all really and are a distraction in this post. He had a temper tantrum much like a 5 year old who was told he had to brush his teeth before he went to bed. Nothing more, nothing less. You shouldn't muddle these topics.

    I's also thrilled PQ is off the ground, it's great for Portland.

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      Jesse, thanks for your perspective.

      Just back from the Pride Parade. A group of friends and I dance-walked through the streets of Portland - each of us a different color of the rainbow. At the end, a dance party. What a great weekend - naked dance ride on Sat. night (my first) and then Pride, wow!

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      Hey Jesse, I'm wondering what makes you think I had a temper tantrum? I was calm and grounded. The DA dropped the disorderly conduct charges because the video shows that I was cooperative and calm. You do your work in the system. In protecting your, and everyone else's, civil rights, I stepped out of the system. "Well-behaved women rarely make history." As usual, you and I have a different take on things. My perspective comes from me experiencing the event. Where does yours come from?

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    Things are looking up for WA gay marriage being upheld: Just in from PPP- PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls Going to have good news for pro-gay marriage side in WA tomorrow. Pretty decent chance equality advocates go 4 for 4 this fall

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    PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls Over the last year support for gay marriage in Washington has gone from 46/44 to 49/44 to now 51/42: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2012/06/majority-in-washington-for-gay-marriage.html

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