Register to Vote Online in Oregon Now!

Albert Kaufman

Register to Vote Online In Oregon! We have a chance to make some great changes in Oregon together.

Register to Vote Online in Oregon Now!

Yes on 91 and 92 - Sensible Changes Coming to Oregon

Let's legalize marijuana - I want to see us sending less people to jail for no good reason. Labeling GMOs also makes sense. Voter registration in Oregon ends on 10.14 - don't miss this historic opportunity!

I'd love to legalize marijuana here in Oregon in a couple days. There are so many reasons this makes sense - not putting people in jail unecessarily (freeing funds for other actual problems) - creating all sorts of job - making it easier for people who need marijuana-related products for healing to receive them, legally - reducing peoples' intake of alcohol (more on that another time, but I see a connection) - hemp may be the best answer to a lot of problems we face today - climate change, clear-cut logging of Oregon forests for paper products. Anyway, I think I could probably brainstorm about 100 reasons why this will be good for Oregon (tourism) - feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below. The news media mainly focuses on tax revenue - but I think that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the positives!

We have 5 days left to register to vote here. And then, we get our ballots in 9 days, and then we vote.

We will also vote to Label GMOs (poison), which would delight me. As far as I can tell GMOs are creating a poisonous environment that are increasing cancer risks. By labeling any products that have them - I believe it will force food companies to reformulate their products (as they've done in other countries) so they can avoid having to include a GMO label. I learned about this and more in the film GMO OMG which has been showing around town. The film-makers are making screening rights free for anyone who wants to host a gathering on the topic - it's quite brilliant and I highly recommend viewing it if you're interested in learning more about the issue.

Some relevant links to share:

Register to vote online here

  1. Vote yes on 91 - Legalize It! Vote Yes on 91 - Endorsers
  2. Vote yes on 92 - Label GMO (poison) - YES!

91: Video with Rick Steves

92: Lively Video about GMOs by my friend, Dana Lyons

Thanks for your efforts to get everyone you know registered to vote. Know someone who has moved in the last 2 years? Know someone who turned or turns 18 before election day? Send them this link, thanks!

Both of these campaigns can also use our $-support and any time you can spare to Get out the Vote (GOTV) - Bring a posse with you for best results :)

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