Time for a PSA: McCains for Obama

Kevin Kamberg

McCains for Obama:

Sure, old Mac’s got a fantastic last name. True, he’s acknowledged that global warming exists and torture is mean. And yes, he can take six men to the ground using only a shoe horn and length of dental tape. But as much as we’d love to share a surname with the most powerful man in the World, these things hardly qualify John McCain to pull this country out of our eight-year catastrophest and into a brighter, healthier, more peaceful tomorrow.

So unite, McCains of the world! Because while we clearly have the superior last name, Obama’s no doubt the man for the job.

I don't know how many McCains there are in Oregon but there's got to be at least a few. And I suspect that extended members of the McCain clan would be welcome too.

This has been a Public Service Announcement.

  • Bill Hall (unverified)

    Please, everyone who visits this site, be sure to click to the second page of pictures. There you will see Bruce and Alice McCain of Siletz, both very active in Democratic politics here in Lincoln County. They're good folks, a couple of McCains who will be voting the right way in November.

  • Mungen_Cakes (unverified)

    The Mayor of Hubbard is Tom McCain, the head of the McCain Mafia. Wanna buy gas? Gotta go to McCain. Wanna a burger and fries? Gotta go to McCain? Wanna get your hair done? Gotta go to McCain and the McCain Mafia.

    Oh yeah, he's voting McCain.

  • Alice McCain (unverified)

    Sharing a last name with John McCain is a bit of a burden for died-in-the-wool Democrats, so we decided--with our son, Matt--to make the most of it. WWW.McCainsforObama.com is the result. Thanks for the free PR! We have 15 entries at our site so far--McCains from all over the country, both black and white, male and female, of all ages. Thanks to Kevin Kamberg and to our great county commissioner, Bill Hall, for the recognition. Bill's running for re-election here in Lincoln County, and we can't think of anyone more deserving of our votes. Well, of course there's Barack Obama.....Go Obama!

  • RW (unverified)

    Interesting article online with Clinton praising Palin - I think he is trying to insert the "gentleman's tone" in this and it's good strategy.


    He still is saying that her stance on any number of things is disagreeable to his social consciousness and political ethos, but he does so in a disarming way.

    <h2>Good going.</h2>

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